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North Ridge Estates Superfund Site

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Site Summary

The North Ridge Estates Superfund Site is a residential subdivision located approximately three miles north of Klamath Falls, Oregon that is contaminated with asbestos-containing materials (ACM) resulting from the demolition of approximately eighty 1940s-era military barracks buildings.

The EPA has annually removed contamination since 2003, but was unable to mitigate unacceptable risks to residents of the site. North Ridge Estates was added to the National Priorities List (NPL), the most contaminated sites in the nation, in September 2011.

Asbestos-contaminated soil and debris will be remedied in a first phase of cleanup. Contamination at the Kingsley Firing Range, also part of the site, will be investigated and completed as a later time.

Clean Up Update

In September 2011, EPA finalized a Record of Decision (ROD) which documents EPA’s plan to provide a permanent, long-term remedy for contamination on a portion of the site. The cleanup decision was selected following a thorough study of contamination at the site, evaluation of possible cleanup options and public review and comment on the Proposed Plan.

In January 2014, EPA finalized the remedial design, which is basically a blueprint for cleanup of North Ridge Estates. EPA will hire a contractor who will remove between two and four feet of contaminated soil. The excavation area will be capped, and then clean topsoil will be brought in and placed over the cap.

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The remedial design follows an extensive evaluation and planning process that included a remedial investigation, feasibility study, proposed plan and record of decision.

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