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Hermiston Lab

A defunct mining laboratory in Hermiston, Oregon, was identified by local authorities and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) as potentially posing a threat to a dairy distribution center located adjacent to the laboratory in the same building at 81156 N. Highway 395, Hermiston, Oregon. The Hermiston Fire Department (HFD) hazardous materials unit conducted a brief survey of the site and observed mercury, mercury oxide, sodium metal (immersed in oil in a plastic pitcher). Initial reports indicated the site also contained 800 pounds of potassium cyanide pellets in drums, eight 55-gallon drums of acid waste, sixteen five-gallon buckets of acid sludge, twenty 1-gallon jugs of hydrochloric acid, thirty 1-gallon jugs of sulfuric acid, and hundreds of miscellaneous bottles each containing up to 2 pounds of chemicals.

Map of the site

Administrative Record Index
Removal Administrative Record - November 19, 2001

Fact Sheets
Hazardous Materials Cleaned Up At Lab Near Hermiston - October 2001
Hazardous Materials to be Removed from Lab Near Hermiston - July 2001
Request for Removal memo - July 2001

Pollution Reports
February 22, 2002
November 19, 2001
September 12, 2001
September 4, 2001
June 20, 2001

September 2001:

bulking liquid wastes

drop box filled with contaminated debris

nitric acid stored in camper

staged drums and containers for disposal

waste drop boxes ready for disposal

wastes containing arsenic compounds
from September 2001:

Removal of Debris

Staging of Drums and Containers
Consolidate Waste StreamsField Screen of Chemicals
from July 2001

One of the lockers of Sulfuric Acid.

55 gallon cans of chemical waste.

Front entrance to lab on right. Milk distribution in adjoining building.

Shed with containers of Nitric Acid.

Unknown chemicals in different sized containers.

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