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Kerr-McGee Photo Gallery

August 10, 2001:

Applying fertilizer.

Looking south along the western edge of the cap with fence posts in place.

Looking to the east along the northern edge of the cap; fence posts

Portion of the completed fence.

Loading hydroseeding component into the spreader.

August 2 and 3, 2001:

Concrete pour at postholes at northeast corner of the cap.

Aligning posts in the just-poured concrete.

Rolls of fencing positioned at posts along the southern edge.

Installing top rail through pole cap using connectors where the poles meet.

July 31, 2001:

Close-up of post hole with post.

Close-up of concrete-filled post hole.

Overview of the site. Cap surface is in foreground, then a haul road, then the site where one of the topsoil stockpiles had been, and the second topsoil stockpile is in the background being worked by the excavator. The remainder of the second stockpile will be used for future topsoiling
activities on the Kerr-McGee property.

July 17-19, 2001:

First of three photos that make up a panoramic view of the uncovered geotextile as of July 17th.

At the left center of this photo, a portion of the subsoil extends over the geotextile. This was used as a staging area to deploy the rolls of geocomposite used in the top layer that extends to the "left" of the subsoil extension.

Third of three in panorama.

The darker soil at the center and right of the photo is the topsoil that is being layed over the lighter-colored compacted subsoil. It is a 12-inch layer upon which only the tracked dozer is allowed.

Strip of the geocomposite material that seals a geocomposite seam.

Subsoil cover nearly complete. Several hours were required to finish subsoil placement.

Remaining geotextile being covered. Left central darker stockpile is one of two topsoil stockpiles.

Borrow area. The broad stockpile beyond the building is the second topsoil stockpile.

Placing topsoil on the southern portion of the cap.

June 26, 2001:

Trench sequence from foreground to background: bare treanch, geomembrane in trench, soil fill, geocomposite overlies and extends beyond the filled trench, subsoil placed on geocomposite.

Plastic tie joining the geonet sections of the geocomposite layer with
approximately 2-inch overlap.

Sealing the overlap of the top geotextile layer of the geocomposite.

Rolling out the composite from the bucket-loader-hoisted roll.

June 27, 2001:

Plastic bucket with marked stake that is used for measuring subsoil fill depth.

Field testing weld strength: ends of seamed coupon are each gripped and coupon pulled until failure occurs. Observed failure was always the
material, not the seam, indicating a positive weld.

Geocomposite layer showing change of orientation with change in slope.

Rolling out the geomembrane layer on top of the rolled and compacted calcine fill. Sandbags hold edges in place against the wind.

Wedge seam sealer fuses the seam in two places, leaving a channel between the welds into which air is injected to conduct non-destructive testing. The sealer is self-propelling and the seam in advance of the sealer is swept clean to facilitate a good seal.

Topsoil above the subsoil layer at the southwest corner.

Sanding the edge of a patch and underlying panel to roughen surface before applying patch sealant (see next photo).

Patch sealing; material is extruded over the edges of the patch.

Air testing seam: small tag from seam is cut; end sealed by melting; and air injected into seam channel by inserting needle with gauge that can be
isolated and reread five minutes later to confirm that the channel is airtight. The portion being tested runs beyond the right side of the photo.

June 18, 2001:
picture - Kerr-McGee Property
Entrance of Kerr McGee facility
picture - Kerr-McGee Property
Storage area for geonet composite material
picture - Kerr-McGee Property
Final grading and compaction of calcine capping area
picture - Kerr-McGee Property
Final grading and compaction of calcine capping area
picture - Kerr-McGee Property
storage area for geomembrane
picture - Kerr-McGee Property
compaction test at calcine capping area

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