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Grant Warehouse, Portland, Oregon

Grant Warehouse on 3368 NE Martin Luther King Blvd. in northeast Portland, Oregon.

Prospective Purchaser Agreement - January 2004 (draft for comments) (17 pgs. 71 KB .pdf file)

Consent Decree - January 2004 (draft for comments) (18 page 107 KB .pdf file)

Brownfields Grant for Redevelopment of Site

Fact Sheet January 1999 (read about .pdf)
January 2000 - cost recovery and re-use

Portland Brownfields Initiative


The Warehouse was used for approximately 20 years to recover precious metals from waste received from other facilities. Large amounts of toxic and reactive chemicals, such as acids, cyanides, ether, and material containing heavy metals were stored in containers ranging from glass vials and jars to 55 gallon drums. There was also a large amount of debris such as carpet, paper, wood, cardboard, fiberglass insulation, and old industrial equipment. Samples from debris and dust in the Warehouse show up to 6,000 parts per million of lead and other heavy metals, such as cadmium and chromium.

In November 1998, the City of Portland and Oregon Department of Environmental Quality requested EPA’s assistance in the assessment and cleanup of the site.

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