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Lakewood Fact Sheet

September 27, 1996

Superfund Fact Sheet

Lakewood/Ponders Corner Superfund Site
Tacoma, Washington

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposes to delete a portion of the Lakewood/Ponders Corner Superfund site from the National Priorities List (NPL). This proposal for partial deletion pertains to the soil unit and includes all contaminated soil and sludge on the Plaza Cleaners property. EPA, in conjunction with the Washington State Department of Ecology, has determined that as a result of cleanup actions the contamination once found on the property no longer poses a significant threat to human health or the environment.

Notice of Intent to Delete

The Notice of Intent to Delete, which explains EPA's proposal to delist part of the site was published in the September 27, 1996, Federal Register. The Notice of Intent to Delete is also available, along with other detailed information concerning this site, at information repositories in two Tacoma Libraries: the Lakewood Library at 6300 Wildaire Road SW, and the Tacoma Public Library at 1102 Tacoma Avenue.

The public is invited to comment on the proposed decision for this partial deletion from the NPL. The public comment period will last until October 27, 1996. Written comments should be sent to:

Ann Williamson, EPA Project Manager
U. S. EPA, ECL-113
1200 Sixth Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98101


The Lakewood/Ponders Corner Site was added to the NPL in December 1982 due to solvents that were found in two Lakewood Water District water supply wells.

Cleanup activities included removing the contents of the septic tanks and disposing of the material in a permitted, off-site landfill; backfilling the area with clean material; installing a soil vapor extraction system to remove soil contamination which had migrated beyond the septic tanks into a drainfield; and removing highly contaminated sludge found far below one of the septic tanks. Cleanup standards set for the contaminants found in the soil and sludge have been achieved at the site.

For More Information

If you have questions about the proposed partial deletion, please call Ann Williamson at (206) 553-2739. She can also be reached at EPA’s toll-free number (800) 424-4372.

People with impaired hearing or speech may contact EPA’s telecommunications device for the hearing impaired (TDD) at (206) 553-1698. To ensure effective communication with everyone, additional services can be made available to persons with disabilities by contacting one of the numbers listed above.

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