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Triangle Park

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Triangle Park is a 35-acre site located at 5828 N. Van Houton Place, within the Portland Harbor Superfund Site. A variety of industrial uses since the early 1900’s left the site with a legacy of multiple contaminants in the soil and groundwater. Triangle Park was recently acquired by the University of Portland to provide space for expansion of campus athletic facilities and a trail providing public access to the Willamette River.

The University finalized a Bona Fide Prospective Purchaser (BFPP) agreement with EPA in December 2008 to investigate and remove contamination. EPA will oversee the work completed by the University to make sure these actions and are consistent with long-term cleanup remedies for the Portland Harbor Superfund Site.

Related Documents:
Action Memorandum for the Triangle Park Removal Action Area (PDF) (42 pp, 5.4MB) - August 2012
Revised Engineering Evaluation and Cost Analysis of the University of Portland River Campus Property (PDF) (198 pp, 8.6MB) - March 2012
Final Data Gaps Investigation Report (PDF) (30 pp, 341K) - July 2010 Note: Please contact Mark Ader with questions, help, or appendices with this document. Revised Data Gaps Workplan (PDF) (77 pp, 11MB) - September 2009 Note: Please contact Mark Ader with questions or help with this document. This document is large and may take a while to download on a 56k modem.
BFPP Amendment (PDF) (8 pp, 148K) - April 2009
Statement of Work “Triangle Park SOW” (PDF) (32 pp, 300K) - April 2009
Final Removal Investigation Report (PDF) (138 pp, 5.1MB) - May 2008
BFPP Agreement (PDF) (37 pp, 1.3MB) - December 6, 2006
BFPP Federal Register Notice (PDF) (1 pg, 45K) - November 27, 2006
BFPP Public Comment Postcard (PDF) (1 pg, 28K) - November 2006

Triangle Park Overhead Map, click to enlarge
Aerial view of Triangle Park site.

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