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Hylebos Waterway Wood Debris Group Data

Marine Sediment Sampling Data:

Hylebos Waterway Pre-Remedial Design Wood Debris Investigations
Survey Name
Start Date
End Date
Wood Debris Group Event 1a
Wood Debris Group Event 1a-2
Wood Debris Group Event 1b

The following compressed file (hywood.zip) contains a MS Excel spreadsheet file named wooddebris.xls, expanding to 1.8 MB when unzipped.

The spreadsheet file contains numerous data tables including sediment chemistry and taxonomic data, with information on station location, sample descriptions and variable codes used. It was originally submitted to EPA Region 10 December 1998 and re-submitted with corrections January 1999.


NOTE: This digital data set has not been examined in detail, nor checked for accuracy, nor combined with any other data previously submitted to EPA.

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