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Pacific Sound Resources

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Site Update
The Environmental Protection Agency has completed the third Five-Year Review for the Pacific Sound Resources (PSR) Site on the south shore of Elliott Bay. Five-year reviews are done to make sure that the cleanup decisions and actions taken at the site continue to be effective and to protect human health and the environment. Work done since the last, 2009, five-year review included:

The results of the recent Five-Year Review show that the PSR Site cleanup of the upland area and the sediment cap in the marine environment continue to protect people and the environment because there is no exposure to people or to the environment from contaminated soil, groundwater or sediment.

Site Background

The Pacific Sound Resources (PSR) site, formerly known as the Wyckoff West Seattle Wood Treating facility, is located on the south shore of Elliott Bay on Puget Sound, at 2801 SW Florida Street, Seattle, King County, Washington.

The PSR site encompasses 83 acres; 58 acres of the site are either intertidal (2 acres) or subtidal (56 acres) lands. Although residential areas are located within one mile of the site, the surrounding areas are primarily commercial and industrial. The local population and industrial users obtain their drinking and production water from public supplies.

A wood-treating facility operated at the site between 1909 and 1994. Creosote and related hazardous constituents were used in large quantities over many years and were discharged onto the ground during a variety of industrial activities at the site. The discharged creosote then seeped into shallow groundwater and was eventually discharged into subtidal sediments immediately to the north. Hazardous constituents were also disposed of directly onto the site’s intertidal areas.

The upland property was purchased by the Port of Seattle (Port) in 1994 and was included in the Port's larger redevelopment and expansion project in West Seattle to construct a modern intermodal container terminal facility. During this period, the Port implemented several upland early cleanup actions, under EPA oversight, to control releases from the site and to prepare it for reuse. The southern portion of the upland unit is currently being utilized by the Port as part of their intermodal container terminal facility, and the northern portion has been reconstructed as a public waterfront park.

In September 2014, EPA completed the Third Five-Year Review (PDF) (109 pp, 3.8MB).

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