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Hylebos Waterway Data Files and Cruise Reports: Events 1A and 1B

Commencement Bay - Hylebos Waterway Site

Pre-Remedial Design Program Monitoring Data 1994

Events 1A/1B Data Files

  1. File SURVEY.TXT: Survey description and dates.


  2. File STATION.TXT: Sampling Station Location and Description Information.


    This file is a plain text format file containing a list of all sampling station names, sample names, and geographic coordinates for all samples. Coordinates are provided in Washington State Plane Coordinates, South Zone, Horizontal datum NAD 1927, in units of feet.

  3. File SAMPLE.TXT: Information on sample identification and methods.


  4. File HYBOS1AB.EXE: Sediment Chemistry Data (Database Format):


    HYBOS1AB.EXE is a self-extracting file which expands to the single-value per record .DBF format database file HYBOS1AB.DBF. This file contains a complete set of analytical chemistry environmental sampling data. Download this file for use in your database management application.
      File size compressed (HYBOS1AB.EXE)
      167 KB
      File size uncompressed (HYBOS1AB.DBF)
      2.5 MB
      Number of values:
      Dates of Sampling:
      6/27/94 to 8/30/94
      Number of sampling stations:
      Number of samples:
      Data reported for:
      80 different parameters

  5. Sediment Chemistry Data (Plain Text Format):

    These files contain the same data as described in (4) above but are in a conveniently viewable text file format.
      Size (bytes)
      hy1abcon.txthy1abcon.txtConventional Parameters
      hy1abgrs.txthy1abgrs.txtGrain Size Summary Data
      hy1ababn.txthy1ababn.txtAcid- and Base/Neutral Extractible Compounds
      hy1abmis.txthy1abmis.txtOrganotin Compounds
      hy1abpes.txthy1abpes.txtPesticides and PCBs
      hy1abvol.txthy1abvol.txtVolatile Organic Compounds

  6. Data Qualifier Definitions

    Value is an estimated amount due to noncompliance with established or project-specified criteria in any or all of the following categories:
      • exceedance of holding times
      • outside established range of calibration linearities
      • continuing calibration check exceedance
      • IS area deviation
      • analytical replicate variability
      • exceedance of GFAA QC (MSA correlation coefficient deviation)
      • ICP-AES serial dilution performance
      • surrogate and MS/MSD (parameter) recoveries
      • LCS performance
      • multi-component parameter constituents' variabilities
      • reference material performance
    Result is based on presumptive evidence generally due to mass spectral matches outside criteria (consequent to low purity matches; coeluting chemical interferences). Associated value is considered an estimate.
    Substance not detected at the associated value. Associated value is a quantitation limit due to any of the following circumstances:
      • equivalent level limited by instrument detection limit
      • lowest limit of established calibration
      • lowest limit established by potential bias contributed by blank levels - lowest level distinguishable from analytical background
      • presence of chemical interferences precludes positive identification of analyte at associated value
    Concentration is a mean value of either laboratory replicates (e.g., grain size data) and/or field duplicates and splits.

  7. Cruise Report: Event 1A Subtidal Surface Grab Sampling

  8. Cruise Report: Event 1A Subtidal Subsurface Coring Program

  9. Cruise Report: Event 1B Intertidal Surface Sampling

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