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St. Paul Waterway 1997 Monitoring Data

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  2. Benthic Infauna Monitoring Data Files - 1997

    The following files are Excel-format spreadsheet files which contain data originally presented in the St. Paul Waterway Area Remedial Action and Habitat Restoration Project, 1997 Monitoring Report. The files can be viewed directly or readily downloaded and read into most spreadsheet software packages. To download and use these files in your favorite spreadsheet application, configure your internet browser to 'save to disk' mode or equivalent. To view these data files directly, configure your browser to invoke an external spreadsheet viewer upon encountering a file with the .XLS extension.

    NOTE: This data is being made available in the exact format in which it was received from the contractor to the PRPs. This digital data set has not been examined in detail, nor checked for accuracy, nor combined with data previously submitted to EPA. A cursory and preliminary review of benthic infauna abundance data file 97abund.xls (described below) tentatively indicates the presence of inconsistencies and errors in assignment of NODC codes to named species.

    • File 97bensta.xls: Benthic Infauna Monitoring Station Location and Description Information

      Information on 40 Sampling Stations including geographic coordinates (in Washington State Plane coordinates,
      South Zone, Horizontal Datum NAD 1927) and water depth at each sampling station.


    • File 97bensam.xls: Benthic Infauna Sample Information


      Detailed information on 40 samples collected for 1997 Benthic infauna monitoring. Codes used as follows:
      1. Geartype 06A - .1 m2 modified Van Veen.
      2. Sample treatment codes:
        • S1 - Seived, 1.0mm seive;
        • FX - Fixed
        • ST - Stained
      3. All samples collected for Benthic species identification purposes.

    • File 97abund.xls: Benthic Infauna Monitoring Data:
        Number of Values:
        Dates of Sampling:
        Number of Sampling Stations:
        Number of Samples:
        Number of Species Reported:

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