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PM Northwest Removal Site

* Cleanup Completed *
Site Summary
The PM Northwest Site is private property located within the Swinomish Indian Reservation. It covers seven acres on a heavily wooded, remote area on Fidalgo Island. The nearest communities are La Conner and Anacortes, Washington. Region 10 has performed an integrated site assessment of the site, with the close participation of the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community (the Tribe) Exit EPA Disclaimer. This cleanup began in July 2001, and involved digging up on-site petroleum refinery waste sludges and materials in four former waste disposal areas. These materials were taken to a permitted off-site disposal facility. Following this cleanup action, EPA determined in September 2003 that no further cleanup or monitoring was required due to the thoroughness of the time critical removal action based on data presented in an August 2003 investigation report.

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Cleanup Progress
PMNW Settlement Final (PDF) (17 pp, 3.5MB) - March 6, 2006
Settlement Proposed / Public Comments Requested- Federal Register Notice (PDF) (1 pg, 131K) - 12/30/2005
Notice of Completion of Administrative Order on Consent (PDF) (1 pg, 51K) - 9/17/2003
Non Time Critical Removal Action Site Investigation Report (PDF) (946 pp, 11.7MB) - 8/12/2003
Ceremony aims to cleanse an old refinery waste site - 12/5/02 Skagit Valley Herald
October Progress Report
September Progress Report
September Data
August Progress Report
August Data
Memorandum of Agreement - June 2001
Action Memo - November 3, 2000
Statement of Work - September 25, 2000
Administrative Record - Time-Critical Removal

Fact Sheets
Celebrate Site Cleanup with the Swinomish (PDF) - November 2002
Petroleum Waste Cleanup to Begin (PDF) - July 2001
About Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)



December 4, 2002

photo - people standing under tent on drizzly day.  Individual with back to viewer has image of eagle on jacket.
Swinomish Tribe, EPA, Shell and ChevronTexaco
closure ceremony.
photo - Tribal woman sings into microphone with hand uplifted.
Swinomish Tribal Elder sings to bless the land
photo - EPA Deputy Administrator draped with Tribal blanket speaking into microphone and feeling effects of cold weather.
EPA speech
photo - Tribal leader talking in microphone
Chairman Cladoosby thanks contributors to cleanup
photo - Tribal man with drum singing
Tribal song

photos from summer 2002
image - dump truck and roller stirring up dust on the backfill
image - backhoe works near edge of new soil
final stockpiles
image - new growth lawn near gravel road
grass growing
image - tree lined, road rimmed work area from air
pit aerial
image - worker gathers samples of groundwater
groundwater sampling
Photos from summer of 2002
image-trees surrounding barren land
Aerial of site before backfill
image-large rocks and roller equipment
Site after backfill complete, awaiting hydroseeding
image-pock marked landscape
Continued excavation of the pit
image-worker collecting samples
Groundwater sampling

Additional photos from 2001
image-slimy substance congealing at excavated area
Material oozing out of excavation
image-rusty water pooling at excavated area
Material oozing out of excavation

Photos from September 12, 2001:
image - large equipment and person digging in muck to uncover mostly buried drums
Drum Excavation
image - large equipment  and dirt piled
Contaminated Soil Excavation
Photos from Summer 2001:

Digging Up Contaminated Soil

Workers Examine Contaminated Soil

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