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Poles, Incorporated Integrated Assessment

Background Information
Poles, Inc. is a wood treating facility located 400 feet from the southwest bank of the Pend Orielle River in Oldtown, Bonner County, Idaho. Poles, Inc. uses pentachlorophenol as a wood preservative. Since 1945 the facility has been operating, nine months out of the year, closing during December, January and February. The nearest residence is about 400 feet west of the facility. The Idaho Hill Elementary School is about 500 feet south of the facility on a hill approximately 30 feet higher in elevation.

In August 2001, EPA conducted an integrated assessment at the Poles, Inc. site and collected samples of air, sediments, surface and subsurface soils, and groundwater.

Fact Sheets:

In the News:
image - newDioxin/Furan Sampling Report - August 2002
Integrated Assessment Report Appendices: In February 2002, EPA plans to schedule a meeting at Oldtown to discuss the results.

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