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Chemical and Emergency Prevention and Planning Newsletter

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EPA Region 10's Chemical and Emergency Prevention and Planning is a quarterly EPA newsletter about risk management issues for facilities in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington

Past Issues

  • CEPP: October 2013 (PDF) (5 pp, 540K) - Topics: Sorrento, Ammonia Refrigeration Plant, Pressure Relief Systems, Relief Valve Chatter, References, and RETA 2013.
  • CEPP: May-June 2013 (PDF) (10 pp, 1.3MB) - - Topics: Emergency Response Program, 24 Hour Emergency Contact and Emergency Response, Emergency, Emergency Preparation Titanic, Hot Work Permits, Hot Work Permits, NFPA 704, Did You Know?
  • CEPP: March-April 2013 (PDF) (10 pp, 1.4MB) - Topics: Process hazardous analysis, PHA techniques, PHA: Identifying utility failures and stateup hazards, OSHA guide to hazard assessment, EPCRA tier 2 reporting update, RMP Training - Pocatello ID
  • CEPP: January-February 2013 (PDF) (3 pp, 732K) - Topics: Managing "Temporary" Changes, Emergency Communications, Fines, and 2013 RMP Training
  • CEPP: November-December 2012 (PDF) (5 pp, 985K) - Topics: Safety Culture and Management, Connection between Safety and Productivity, 10 Questions for Managers, Update: EPCRA Tier 2 Reports, Fines
  • CEPP: September-October 2012 (PDF) (4 pp, 754K) - Topics: Developing Safety Committees and Effective Safety Programs for Small Facilities
  • CEPP: July-August (PDF) (4 pp, 1.1MB) - Topics: Lockout/Tagout, Startup Hazards, RMP Training in 2012
  • CEPP: May-June 2012 (PDF) (7 pp, 1.2MB) - Topics: Equipment Hazards, Emergency Response, CAMEO updates,OSHA's new Hazard Communication Standard, RMP Training in 2012
  • CEPP: March-April 2012 (PDF) (5 pp, 455K) - - Topics: Ammonia Safety,Explosion Hazards, Pressure Relief Valves, Program Alert: OR NH3 FerilizerRetailers, EPCRA Tier 2 Reports, RMP Training in 2012, Wanatchee facility fined for RMP Violation
  • CEPP: January-February 2012 (PDF) (4 pp, 1.1MB) - Topics: Best Practices- Safety Training, TRI Reporting for H2S, RMP Training in 2012
  • CEPP: November-December 2011 (PDF) (5 pp, 714K) - Topics: Managing Change, Abandoned Equipment, RMP/PSM Standards, RMP eSubmit Webinar, RMP Training in 2012
  • CEPP: September-October 2011 (PDF) (6 pp, 938K) - Topics: Best Practices- Operating Procedures, Sample SOP, RMP Training for 2011
  • CEPP: July-August 2011 (PDF) (5 pp, 630K) - Topics: incident Response Training Best Practices, NH3 Refridgeration Process Chemistry, New Regulations for Container Loading, Refinery Safety Issues, Seattle RMP Training
  • CEPP: May-June 2011 (PDF) (5 pp, 979K) - Topics: MARPLOT Update-2010 Population Data, Best Practices-Mechanical Integrity, Fines: Ammonia release, RMP E-Submit Webinar, RMP Training for 2011
  • CEPP: March-April 2011 (PDF) (4 pp, 901K) - - Topics: Best Practices – Energy Conservation, OSHA to Update MSDA, HAZMAT Resources, RMP Training for 2011
  • CEPP: January-February 2011 (PDF) (4 pp, 774K) - Topics: Document management, Sample document control policy, Where is your PSI?, RMP training for 2011
  • CEPP: November-December 2010 (PDF) (5 pp, 815K) - Topics: Accident Prevention; EPCRA; RMP Leasing Issues; RMP Railcar Inventory; Best Practices
  • CEPP: September-October 2010 (PDF) (4 pp, 536K) - Topics: Piping System Hazards; RETA National Meeting; RMP Guidance
  • CEPP: July-August 2010 (PDF) (4 pp, 544K) - Topics: What is Process Safety; Measuring Process Safety Performance; List of Lists Update; RMP*eSubmit Webinar; RMP Training - Alaska
  • CEPP: May-June 2010 (PDF) (4 pp, 778K) - Topics: Hot Work Permits & Hazards; Review of Richland RMP Training; Notice of eSubmit Webinars; Upcoming Training in Alaska
  • CEPP: March-April 2010 (PDF) (4 pp, 647K) - Topics: Managing Chemical Reactivity Hazards; Fines; 5-year eSubmit Webinar; Harry Bell Retires
  • CEPP: January-February 2010 (PDF) (4 pp, 1.3MB) - Topics: The Bhopal Tragedy; RMP Update Requirements; Cameo/Tier2/Marplot Updates; SPCC Rule Amendments; RMP Training

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