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SIP - ALASKA - 18 AAC 50.045


(a) A person may not dilute emissions with air to comply with this chapter, except that dilu­tion air may be used at a sulfur recovery plant with a maxi­mum production rate of 20 long tons per day or less to comply with the 500 ppm sulfur dioxide re­quirement of 18 AAC 50.055(c).

(b) A person who owns or operates a stationary source that emits an air pollutant subject to this chapter shall ensure that the stationary source complies with this chapter and any other applicable local, state, or federal law.

(c) A person may not construct, operate, or modify a stationary source that will result in a violation of the applicable emission standards or that will inter­fere with the attainment or maintenance of ambient air quality standards.

(d) A person who causes or permits bulk materials to be handled, transported, or stored, or who engages in an industrial activity or construction project shall take reasonable precautions to prevent particulate matter from being emitted into the ambient air.

(e) Dispersion techniques may not be used to comply with this chapter, except for compliance with 18 AAC 50.110.

(f) Subject to (g) of this section, as used in this section, "dispersion technique" means a technique that attempts to reduce the concentration of an air pollutant in the ambient air by (g) The following are not dispersion techniques for purposes of this section: State effective: 10/1/04; EPA effective: 9/13/07

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