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SIP - ALASKA - 18 AAC 50.065


(a) General Requirements. Except when conducting open burning under (g), (h), or (i) of this section, a person conducting open burning shall comply with the limitations of (b) - (f) of this section and shall ensure that

(b) Black Smoke Prohibited. Except for firefighter training conducted under (h) or (i) of this section, open burning of asphalts, rubber products, plastics, tars, oils, oily wastes, contaminated oil cleanup materials, or other materials in a way that gives off black smoke is prohibited without written department approval. Department approval of open burning as an oil spill response countermeasure is subject to the department's In Situ Burning Guidelines for Alaskaadopted by reference in 18 AAC 50.035. Open burning approved under this subsection is subject to the following limitations: (c) Toxic and Acid Gases and Particulate Matter Prohibited. Open burning or incineration of pesticides, halogenated organic compounds, cyanic compounds, or polyurethane products in a way that gives off toxic or acidic gases or particulate matter is prohibited.

(d) Adverse Effects Prohibited. Open burning of putrescible garbage, animal carcasses, or petroleum-based materials, including materials contaminated with petroleum or petroleum derivatives, is prohibited if it causes odor or black smoke that has an adverse effect on nearby persons or property.

(e) Air Quality Advisory. Open burning is prohibited in an area if the department declares an air quality advisory under 18 AAC 50.245, stating that burning is not permitted in that area for that day. This advisory will be based on a determination that there is or is likely to be inadequate air ventilation to maintain the standards set by 18 AAC 50.010. The department will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the advisory is broadcast on local radio or television.

(f) Wood Smoke Control Areas. Open burning is prohibited between November 1 and March 31 in a wood smoke control area identified in 18 AAC 50.025(b).

(g) Controlled Burning. Controlled burning to manage forest land, vegetative cover, fisheries, or wildlife habitat, other than burning to combat a natural wildfire, requires written department approval if the area to be burned exceeds 40 acres yearly. The department will, in its discretion, require public notice as described in (j) of this section.

(h) Firefighter Training: Structures. A fire service may open burn structures for firefighter training without ensuring maximum combustion efficiency under the following circumstances: (i) Firefighter Training: Fuel Burning. Unless a greater quantity is approved by the department, a fire service may open burn up to 250 gallons of uncontaminated fuel daily and up to 600 gallons yearly for firefighter training without ensuring maximum combustion efficiency. To conduct this training without prior written department approval, the fire service shall (j) Public Notice. A person required to provide public notice of open burning shall issue the notice through local news media or by other appropriate means if the area of the open burning does not have local news media. The public notice must be issued as directed by the department and must (k) Complaints. A person required to provide public notice of open burning shall State effective: 1/18/97; EPA effective: 1/19/99

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