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SIP - ALASKA - 18 AAC 50.345


(a) Subsections (b) – (o) of this section set out standard permit conditions that the department will include in each operating permit. The department may include the conditions set out in (c)(1) and (2) and (d) – (o) of this section in each construction permit. The conditions set out in (m) – (o) of this section do not apply to visible emissions observations by smoke readers, except in connection with required particulate matter testing.

(b) Compliance with permit terms and conditions is considered to be in compliance with those requirements that are

(c) The permittee must comply with each permit term and condition. Noncompliance with a permit term or condition constitutes a violation of AS 46.14, this chapter, and, except for those terms or conditions designated in the permit as not federally enforceable, the Clean Air Act, and is grounds for (d) It is not a defense in an enforcement action to claim that it would have been necessary to halt or reduce the permitted activity in order to maintain compliance with a permit term or condition.

(e) Each permit term and condition is independent of the permit as a whole and remains valid regardless of a challenge to any other part of the permit.

(f) The permit may be modified, reopened, revoked and reissued, or terminated for cause. A request by the permittee for modification, revocation and reissuance, or termination or a notification of planned changes or anticipated noncompliance does not stay any permit condition.

(g) The permit does not convey any property rights of any sort, nor any exclusive privilege.

(h) The permittee shall allow the department or an inspector authorized by the department, upon presentation of credentials and at reasonable times with the consent of the owner or operator to (i) The permittee shall furnish to the department, within a reasonable time, any information that the department requests in writing to determine whether cause exists to modify, revoke and reissue, or terminate the permit or to determine compliance with the permit. Upon request, the permittee shall furnish to the department copies of records required to be kept by the permit. The department may require the permittee to furnish copies of those records directly to the federal administrator. (j) The permittee shall certify all reports, compliance certifications, or other documents submitted to the department and required under the permit by including the signature of a responsible official for the permitted stationary source following the statement: “Based on information and belief formed after reasonable inquiry, I certify that the statements and information in and attached to this document are true, accurate, and complete.” Excess emission reports must be certified either upon submittal or with an operating report required for the same reporting period. All other reports and other documents must be certified upon submittal.

(k) In addition to any source testing explicitly required by the permit, the permittee shall conduct source testing as requested by the department to determine compliance with applicable permit requirements.

(l) The permittee may request an extension to a source test deadline established by the department. The permittee may delay a source test beyond the original deadline only if the extension is approved in writing by the department’s appropriate division director or designee.

(m) Before conducting any source tests, the permittee shall submit a plan to the department. The plan must include the methods and procedures to be used for sampling, testing, and quality assurance and must specify how the source will operate during the test and how the permittee will document that operation. The permittee shall submit a complete plan within 60 days after receiving a request under (k) of this section and at least 30 days before the scheduled date of any test unless the department agrees in writing to some other time period. Retesting may be done without resubmitting the plan.

(n) At least 10 days before conducting a source test, the permittee shall give the department written notice of the date and the time the source test will begin. (o) Within 60 days after completing a source test, the permittee shall submit two copies of the results in the format set out in the Source Test Report Outline, adopted by reference in 18 AAC 50.030. The permittee shall certify the results in the manner set out in (j) of this section. If requested in writing by the department, the permittee must provide preliminary results in a shorter period of time specified by the department.

State effective: 10/1/04; EPA effective: 9/13/07

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