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SIP - ALASKA - 18 AAC 52.070


(a) Each implementing agency or its contractor shall maintain and operate a referee facility to carry out the functions described in this section.

(b) The implementing agency shall ensure that the referee facility is equipped with instrumentation and other equipment and supplies necessary to determine whether a vehicle passes or fails an inspection test performed under this chapter.

(c) Subject to the implementing agency’s approval, the referee facility may charge an inspection fee to inspect a vehicle not previously tested. If a vehicle passes an inspection performed at the referee facility, the referee facility may collect a fee for the certificate of inspection. A referee facility may not charge for an I/M test if the motorist has already paid for an I/M test and has a complete vehicle inspection report (VIR) showing a completed I/M test at a certified station within the past 90 days. If the vehicle fails the inspection and does not meet the requirements for a repair cost waiver under 18 AAC 52.060(a)(1), the referee facility may provide the motorist with a required-repair form that describes the repairs that must be made. The motorist shall make the repairs described on the required-repair form within 60 days. If the motorist disputes the results of a failing inspection performed by the referee facility, the referee facility may perform additional functional tests to verify the reason for failure.

(d) If directed by the implementing agency, the referee facility shall

(e) The referee facility shall make appointments only when instructed to do so by the I/M office. A person referred to the referee facility shall bring with him or her the vehicle, the vehicle registration, a completed, legible referee referral form, and any additional documentation required by (1) - (22) of this subsection for each type of referral, as follows:
(f) A certified mechanic shall perform the repairs listed on the required-repair form provided by the referee facility under (c) of this section. If the repairs cannot be completed for less than the repair cost minimum, or if parts are unavailable for one or more required repairs, the mechanic shall contact the referee facility before proceeding. The mechanic may not proceed with any repair until all of the required parts are present for that repair and the cost to the motorist is established. If the certified station agrees to perform the after-repair test and issue a certificate of inspection, the mechanic shall sign the required repair form certifying that all required repairs were properly performed. The certified station may not charge for the after-repair test. A certified station may not issue a certificate of inspection for a vehicle subject to a referee-required repair form without approval from the referee facility. After all referee-required repairs have been performed, the certified station shall contact the referee facility for further instructions.

(g) An implementing agency may establish alternative procedures to those set out in this section, with department approval.
State effective: 1/01/00; EPA effective: 3/11/02

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