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SIP - ALASKA - 18 AAC 53.100

18 AAC 53.100. REPORTING

(a) On forms approved by the department, a CAR shall submit to the department the information gathered to show compliance with 18 AAC 53.035 or 18 AAC 53.040 for each control period, as follows:

(b) At the end of each control period, a CAR must have an attest engagement conducted in accordance with 18 AAC 53.170 if the averaging oxygen content method of compliance under 18 AAC 53.040 was used. The CAR shall submit an attest engagement report to the department by the June 15 following the relevant control period.

(c) By the June 15 following each control period, a CAR shall submit a final report if the per-gallon method of compliance under 18 AAC 53.035 was used. The report must be on a form provided by the department and must include the documentation required by 18 AAC 53.035. The department's report form will contain the statement: "Based on information and belief formed after reasonable inquiry, I certify that the statements and information in and attached to this report are true, accurate, and complete. I understand that any falsification of this report is subject to punishment under AS 11.56.210." An official of the CAR who is responsible for the documentation shall sign the report form in the space provided after the certification statement and have the signature notarized.

(d) The department will, in its discretion, perform an audit to verify information and documentation provided in a report submitted under (a) or (c) of this section.
State effective: 10/31/97; EPA effective: 2/28/00

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