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SIP - ALASKA - 18 AAC 52.015


(a) A motorist and a person engaged in the business of maintaining, repairing, or otherwise servicing vehicle emissions control systems shall

(b) In addition to the requirements of (a) of this section, a motorist described in 18 AAC 52.005(b) shall ensure that an emissions-related repair is made, and that the repair is performed by a mechanic certified under this chapter if the motorist wants to apply that repair to the repair cost minimum.

(c) In addition to the other applicable requirements of this chapter, a mechanic certified under this chapter who repairs a vehicle that has failed an I/M inspection shall use repair procedures issued by the

(d) A motorist may request that a vehicle failing an emissions inspection (I/M test) at a certified station be inspected, at no cost, at a referee facility for verification and documentation of the inspection failure, if the vehicle is covered by a manufacturer's emissions warranty as provided in 42 U.S.C. 7541(a) and (b) (Clean Air Act, section 207(a) and (b)). The motorist may return to the referee facility for a free verification that I/M-related repairs were properly made.

(e) Repealed 1/1/2000.
State effective:1/01/00 ; EPA effective: 3/11/02

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