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SIP - ALASKA - 18 AAC 52.440


(a) The implementing agency shall conduct routine performance reviews of certified mechanics and stations and shall send vehicles used for overt and covert performance reviews through a certified station to determine whether proper inspections and repairs are being performed. The implementing agency may

(b) The implementing agency may direct its referee facility to
(c) After the overt or covert performance review, the implementing agency shall give the certified station a copy of the description of any alteration made by the referee facility under (b)(1) of this section.

(d) A certified station may not charge for an overt performance review conducted under this chapter.

(e) The owner, operator, or an employee of the station shall allow a representative of the implementing agency to
(f) Except when a test or repair using the EIS is in progress, the owner or operator of a certified station, or a certified mechanic, shall provide immediate access to the EIS so that a representative of the implementing agency may perform any check, reprogramming, disk change, or other system-related inspection, modification, or service. If a test or repair is in progress, the owner, operator, or mechanic shall provide access to the EIS when the test or repair is completed, or within one hour of the request for access, whichever first occurs.
State effective: 1/01/00; EPA effective: 3/11/02

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