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SIP - ALASKA - 18 AAC 52.545


(a) If, as part of an I/M test performed under 18 AAC 52.540(a), a certified mechanic determines that necessary repairs cannot be made before a vehicle's registration expires, the mechanic or station personnel shall complete an I/M estimate and determine parts availability. If the required parts are available locally, and the certified mechanic can complete the repairs in less than two weeks, the motorist shall have the vehicle repaired and tested before it is certified regardless of the date when the vehicle’s registration expires.

(b) If the certified station cannot complete the necessary repairs because required parts must be ordered, the certified station shall provide the motorist with the documentation that the implementing agency requires the motorist to submit to the implementing agency or the referee facility along with the vehicle and the vehicle registration. The implementing agency may require the station to provide the documentation listed in 18 AAC 52.070(e)(16).

(c) If the certified station where the failing I/M test was performed cannot complete the necessary repairs because the required parts must be ordered, the implementing agency or referee facility may issue the motorist a temporary permit allowing the vehicle to be driven while parts are procured. The cost of parts and labor to repair the vehicle must be paid before a temporary permit may be issued under this subsection. A temporary permit may not be issued to a vehicle that is registered with a seasonal-use waiver between November 1 and March 31. A temporary permit issued under this subsection is valid for 30 days.

(d) The certified station shall advise the motorist to keep the information listed in (c) of this section with the vehicle registration and to take the information along with the vehicle to the referee facility for a temporary permit. The referee facility or the implementing agency will monitor the temporary permit until the required parts are available and the required repairs are complete.

(e) A certified station may not perform a partial repair of an emission control system and may begin a repair only when all required parts for that repair are available at the station.
State effective: 1/1/98; EPA effective: 2/28/00

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