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SIP - ALASKA - 18 AAC 52.065


(a) Unless provided otherwise in this section, a motorist who is subject to 18 AAC 52.005(c) shall complete necessary emissions-related repairs as required in (d) of this section. If the cost of completing all repairs exceeds $450, the motorist shall complete those repairs for each inspection cycle with a total cost of no less than $450. If the total cost of all repairs is less than $450, the motorist shall complete all repairs. If a certified mechanic determines under 18 AAC 52.540(a) that parts are unavailable for one or more repairs, the motorist shall complete those repairs for which all parts are available up to $450. If all repairs have been made except one for which parts are unavailable, the motorist shall apply for an unavailable parts waiver as described in 18 AAC 52.060(a)(8). The cost of repairs performed by a person who is not certified under this chapter or the cost of a repair necessary to correct a safety problem may not be applied toward the repair cost minimum.

(b) Repealed 1/1/2000.

(c) The motorist shall complete all repairs necessary to comply with this chapter, regardless of cost, if

(d) The motorist shall complete repairs that eliminate any visual or functional defect identified on the vehicle inspection report (VIR). A partial repair may not be applied to the repair cost minimum.

(e) An implementing agency may, with department approval, establish an alternate repair cost minimum if the implementing agency can demonstrate that the alternate minimum will result in the issuance of an equal or lesser number of repair cost waivers.
State effective: 1/01/00; EPA effective: 3/11/02

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