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Anchorage, Alaska Carbon Monoxide (CO) Attainment Plan Summary

Background of the Plan: The Anchorage, Alaska area was designated nonattainment for CO and classified as moderate upon enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments in 1990. EPA approved an attainment plan in 1995. However, two violations of the NAAQS in 1996 resulted in EPA reclassifying Anchorage to serious nonattainment on July 13, 1998 with an attainment date of December 31, 2000. A new plan was required by January 13, 2000. An attainment plan was not submitted to EPA by the January 13, 2000 deadline. On July 14, 2000, the EPA published a Federal Register Notice stating that initial, mandatory sanctions would be triggered beginning January 13, 2002 if a new plan was not submitted by that date. The MOA submitted a new plan on January 4, 2002 and EPA proposed approval of the plan (67 FR 38218). On September 18, 2002, EPA approved the Anchorage CO attainment plan (67 FR 58711).

Summary of the Plan: The plan relies on control strategies needed to assure attainment of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for carbon monoxide. The strategy focuses on the Federal Motor Vehicle Emission Control Program, I/M program, ethanol-blended gasoline program, wintertime transit service and promotion of engine preheaters.

Federal Motor Vehicle Emission Control Program - 40 CFR Part 86
18 AAC 52 Emissions Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) requirements for Motor Vehicles.
18 AAC 53 Fuel Requirements for Motor Vehicles.
Share-A-Ride Program - 12/20/2001
Promotion of engine preheaters - 12/20/2001
Free Winter Transit Service - 12/20/2001

Contingency Measures
Commitment to implement Enhanced I/M evader Enforcement Program

Attainment Date: December 31, 2000

EPA Effective Date: October 18, 2002

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