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SIP - ALASKA - 18 AAC 52.425


(a) A person who has received certification under 18 AAC 52.400 - 18 AAC 52.420 shall apply for renewal on a form provided by the implementing agency. An application for renewal must be filed at least 30 but no more than 90 days before certification expires.

(b) Renewal of certification of a training course approved under 18 AAC 52.410 requires revisions to the course to accommodate changes in the I/M program.

(c) A certified mechanic's certification expires on its expiration date unless the mechanic renews certification under this section. To renew an I/M mechanic certification, a mechanic must pass a recertification examination. The mechanic shall bring a renewal application and the mechanic's current certification to the recertification examination. To be recertified, the mechanic must pass a written test and a hands-on proficiency test with a score of 80 percent or higher. The written test must be equivalent to the examination described under 18 AAC 52.405 and must include sections on mechanic competency and I/M program regulations.

(d) The department will, in its discretion, approve an alternate method of recertification in an implementing agency’s design document if the implementing agency demonstrates that the alternate method will assure that a mechanic recertified under that method will be qualified to carry out the requirements applicable to certified mechanics under this chapter.

(e) A mechanic may act as a certified mechanic for purposes of this chapter only while holding a valid, current certification. If a mechanic fails to renew the certification before it expires, that mechanic is prohibited from performing any activity requiring certification under this chapter.

(f) The implementing agency may inspect a certified station before renewing the station's certification. An applicant for renewal shall meet all conditions required for initial certification under 18 AAC 52.415. If certification has expired, the applicant for recertification may not perform an I/M test until recertification is approved. It is the owner's or operator's responsibility to know when the certification expires and to complete the renewal process before certification expires.

(g) The implementing agency may refuse to renew certification

State effective: 1/1/98; EPA effective: 2/28/00

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