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SIP - ALASKA - 18 AAC 52.100


(a) To assist an implementing agency, the department will, in its discretion, participate in an enforcement action taken under this section by the implementing agency. The department will, in its discretion, take an enforcement action against a motorist who fails to comply with this chapter, with or without participation of the implementing agency.

(b) If good cause exists, the implementing agency shall investigate a claim that a requirement of this chapter has been violated by a motorist. If the implementing agency finds that a motorist has violated a provision of this chapter or of an I/M program administered under this chapter, the implementing agency may issue a notice of violation, advising that the motorist must respond to the implementing agency within the time period specified in the notice of violation or risk an enforcement action under (d) of this section.

(c) The implementing agency shall allow a motorist issued a notice of violation the time period specified in the notice, after receipt of the notice, to provide to the agency proof that

(d) If a motorist receives a notice of violation under this section and fails to respond or provide appropriate proof of compliance with this chapter within the time period specified in the notice, the implementing agency may take one or more of the following enforcement actions:
Editor’s note: 18 AAC 52.100 took effect 2/1/94 as an emergency regulation. Due to technical corrections made by the regulations attorney in reviewing the "permanent" regulation for filing, the permanent regulation as it was published in Register 130, July 1994, differed from the emergency regulation even though the section’s history note did not reflect an amendment to that section.
State effective: 1/01/00; EPA effective: 3/11/02

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