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SIP - ALASKA - 18 AAC 53.150


(a) A person may apply for a temporary variance from the requirements of this chapter if, for reasons beyond the applicant’s control, the applicant cannot comply with the requirements of this chapter. The department will grant a request for a temporary variance, after public hearing and opportunity for comment, if the department finds that

(b) A temporary variance granted under (a) of this section will be subject to conditions consistent with the reasons for the variance, and will include the following time limits:
(c) An application for a temporary variance must be submitted to the department and must include
(d) Within 30 days after the department receives a complete application under this section, the department will hold a public hearing to determine whether, and under what conditions, a temporary variance will be granted. At least two weeks before the hearing, the department will send written notice to the applicant and the EPA and publish notice of the hearing in a newspaper of general circulation in the affected control area. A notice under this subsection will state that any interested person may present testimony or evidence regarding the request for a variance, including comments concerning the cost of compliance with the regulations and alternative practical methods of complying.

(e) The department will issue a decision on the request for a variance within 10 days after the public hearing.

(f) After the department issues a decision on the request for variance, any person adversely affected by the decision may request an adjudicatory hearing in the manner provided in 18 AAC 15.200 - 18 AAC 15.920.

(g) A variance granted under this section does not prevent or limit the application of an emergency order issued under AS 46.03.820.
State effective: 10/31/97; EPA effective: 2/28/00

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