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SIP - ALASKA - 18 AAC 52.010


There is created within the department's air quality improvement section, a department office responsible for administration and enforcement of all aspects of the I/M program (I/M office). The I/M office will

(1) administer and enforce the requirements of this chapter, including ensuring that the requirements of this chapter are followed under each I/M program implemented or administered under this chapter;

(2) evaluate, and approve or disapprove I/M program plans submitted under 18AAC 52.035;

(3) accept complaints from the public against certified mechanics or stations;

(4) investigate and gather evidence regarding suspected violations of this chapter;

(5) suggest measures to resolve disputes between motorists and certified mechanics or stations;

(6) approve referrals to the referee facility described in 18 AAC 52.070;

(7) keep, as a public record, a list of the

(8) provide materials to assist the public in understanding and complying with the requirements of this chapter;

(9) send each certified station that is subject to a department-administered I/M program, a newsletter describing recently adopted ordinances, procedure changes, suspension or revocation hearings, and any other information that the program administrator determines will benefit the I/M program;

(10) routinely evaluate the effectiveness of each I/M program created under this chapter through the analysis of data obtained from certified stations and from special studies;

(11) submit an annual report to the governor on the status and effectiveness of the statewide I/M program; the I/M office will have a copy of this report available at the I/M office for public review; and

(12) prepare quarterly and annual reports for a department-administered I/M program; the reports must be prepared by each date set out in 18 AAC 52.037(a) and must fulfill the requirements of 18 AAC 52.037(b)(1)-(5).
State effective: 1/1/98; EPA effective: 2/28/00

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