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Grants Administration

Grant Opportunities
Additional Guidance

Grants Management Guidance for Region 10 (PDF) (17pp, 190K, About PDF).

Table of Contents:

  • Quick Guide
  • Applying for a Grant
  • Work Plans
  • Detailed Budgets
  • Amending an Existing Grant
  • Post-Award Management
  • Closing Out Your Grant
  • How Access Your Funds
  • Indirect Cost Rates

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General Information
When working with Region 10 on your grant project, you will assigned a Project Officer and a Grants Specialist to help make your project successful.

The Project Officer is your main contact. They are responsible for the technical side of your project and will provide program-specific information you need to apply for assistance. After you apply, the Project Officer will review your work plan for technical merit and your proposed budget. If you are awarded a grant, they will provide the funding to carry out the work, and monitor to assure all program requirements are met during the project period.

The Grants Specialist is responsible for the administration of your grant. Before the grant is awarded, your application, work plan, and budget will be reviewed by a Grants Specialist for compliance with various administrative regulations and standards. After you begin work on your project, your grant will be monitored for compliance with the various administrative terms and conditions that apply. The Grants Specialist will also process amendments to your grant agreement, if needed, and they will work with you to close out your grant when the grant period is over.

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General application forms can be found at: or

Federal Financial Report (FFR) forms can be found at:

Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization Report (MBE/WBE) forms can be found at:

For submitting performance reports and other material, contact the EPA Project Officer for your grant.

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How to Access Your Grant Funds

Refer to the Administrative Conditions in your assistance agreement.

Payment Methods

The Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996 requires that Federal payments be made by electronic funds transfer. In order to comply with the Act, a recipient must receive payments via one of two electronic methods available to them:

In accepting this assistance agreement, the recipient agrees to draw cash only as needed for its disbursement. Failure on the part of the recipient to comply with this condition may cause the undisbursed portions of the assistance agreement to be revoked and financing method changed to a reimbursable basis.

If you need further assistance regarding enrollment, please contact Marge Pumphrey at (702) 798-2492 or


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Non-Profit Organizations

Pre-award administrative review requirement - If you are applying for over $200,000 in EPA funding, your organization is required to undergo a review of your administrative policies and procedures. This will be initiated and conducted by EPA staff, and must be completed before the award is issued. Please allow extra time in your planning process. Note: Not required if you have completed the review in the last two years. To initiate: Non-Profit Pre-Award Certification Review Request.

Grant management training - Two employees of your organization must complete the mandatory on-line training, “EPA Grant Management Training for Non-Profit Applicants and Recipients.” One employee must be the project manager, or equivalent, for the grant. The other must be the person authorized to draw down funds for the grant. The training certification will expire 3 years from the last training date.

To take the online training, visit:

Please mail the training certificate to: EPA Region 10, Grants Administration, 1200 Sixth Avenue, Suite 900 (OMP-173)
Seattle, WA 98101

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