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EPA is helping consumers and businesses learn what options are available for safe reuse and recycling of electronics. Oregon and Washington have legislation that requires producers to offer "take back" programs for consumer electronics. Alaska and Idaho also provide information to help consumers recycle electronics.

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State eCycling Programs
Consumers can contact their state and local environmental agencies for information about safely reusing, recycling, or discarding their used electronic products. Reusing and recycling electronic equipment is important to recover valuable materials they contain, and also to keep hazardous materials from getting into the environment.

The Northwest Product Stewardship Council published the following report: Preliminary Analysis of E-Cycle Programs in Washington and Oregon (PDF) (58pp., 2.7MB) - March 2010 Exit EPA Disclaimer

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Resources for Business
Electronic equipment is essential to running almost every modern business. From production, through its useful life, and into its final disposition, electronic equipment can have a major impact on the environment. EPA has established programs and regulations to reduce the environmental impact of electronic equipment throughout its life cycle.

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