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Climate Change Videos

The Public Environmental Resource Center (PERC) in Seattle loans videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs to residents, educators, and businesses of only Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington for up to two weeks. Locate the title you wish to receive and call (800) 424-4EPA or (206) 553-1200 in the Seattle Metro Area. You can also email your request to the PERC (; please include the Title and Item Number in your email.

TitleDescriptionYearLengthItem Number
An Inconvenient TruthFormer Vice President Al Gore presents an eye-opening and compelling view of the future of our planet - and our civilization.200696 MinutesEPA-DVD-027
Animals in DangerAges: 8 to adult Everything you've always wanted to know about endangered animals worldwide.45 MinutesEPA-CD-008
Baked AlaskaLooks at the battle over the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in the context of Alaska's accelerated warming.200326 MinutesEPA-DVD-013
Cascading Effects: Climate Change in the Pacific NorthwestExamining the sublime landscapes of North Cascade, Mount Rainier, and Olympic National Parks, researchers shed light on emerging indications that climate change is real and predict how warming temperatures will affect the natural resources and timeless beauty of the region. 200714:12 MinutesEPA-DVD-037
EPA's State and Local Climate Change Outreach KitPacked with useful materials on climate change: slideshow, camera ready pieces, materials to order, internet links and more.2000EPA-CD-009
Global Warming: Public Agenda and Government Responsibility Grades 7-12 Features stories from Good Morning America, 20/20, This Week, World News Tonight and Nightline that examine the growing climate crisis from many points of view.40 MinutesEPA-DVD-053
Global Warming: The Signs and The ScienceThis documentary profiles people who are living with the grave consequences of a changing climate, as well as the individuals, communities and scientists inventing new approaches to safeguard our children's future.200560 minutesEPA-DVD-029
HEAT: A Global InvestigationMelting glaciers, rising sea levels, fires, floods and droughts. On the eve of a historic election, award-winning producer and correspondent Martin Smith investigates how the world's largest corporations and governments are responding to Earth's looming environmental disaster.
PBS Home Video
120 MinutesEPA-DVD-039
Practical Solutions to Global WarmingSolutions to global warming.200320 MinutesEPA-CD-093
The Eyes Of Nye: Global Climate Change Grades 9-12 Find out how scientists measure climate change, see how carbon dioxide affects the temperature of Earth's atmosphere, and hear about the role of fossil fuels. It's all part of Bill Nye's in-depth look at the possible causes of global warming.23 MinutesEPA-DVD-051
What's Up With The Weather?In this special two-hour program, FRONTLINE and NOVA take on one of the most complex and important challenges facing the world today--global warming. With searching analysis and probing interviews, take a dramatic journey to find out what's in store for our Earth's climate system.20002 HoursEP-445
When the Levees BrokeIn addition to revisiting the hours leading up to the arrival of Katrina, a Category 5 hurricane, before it hit the coast of Louisiana, When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts tells the personal stories of those who lived to tell about it, at the same time exploring the underbelly of a nation where the divide along race and class lines has never been more pronounced.2006256 MinutesEPA-DVD-022
Why "Waste" a Cool Planet: NSW Solutions to Global Climate ChangeClimate and Waste Satellite Forum2000133 MinutesEP-430

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