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Federal Green Challenge Webinar - August 30, 2012


This webinar focuses on methods to reduce your transportation impact. The FGC targets the reduction of travel-related emissions by addressing commuting as well as job-related travel. This session features expert speakers from the General Services Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, and Associa Company, which helps agencies manage their transportation programs.

Webinar Recording and Presentations:


Robert Drake. Robert is the Pollution Prevention Coordinator for EPA Seattle. He has worked for EPA for 20+ years both in DC and in Seattle. He has extensive knowledge of public infrastructure and finance with the State of Washington, the National Council on Infrastructure Improvement and EPA. He helped develop and implement the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (SRF) Program for water infrastructure improvement and also has extensive experience in Community Relations for Superfund, Water and other programs. He now promotes Pollution Prevention, Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy, Sustainable Infrastructure, Greenhouse Gas Prevention and other Sustainability projects in the region. Undergraduate work at Pacific Lutheran University, graduate work (Public Administration) at the University of Washington.

Heather Perkins. Heather is the Transportation Management Program (TMP) Manager for Arlington Potomac Yard, which is managed by Legum and Norman, Inc., An Associa Company. In this capacity, she is responsible for implementing green transportation initiatives in accordance with Arlington County’s goals and objectives for reducing single occupancy vehicles. Prior to this position, which she has held for the past three years, Ms. Perkins was a Portfolio Manager with Legum and Norman for several high-rise condominium buildings in Maryland and Washington, D.C. Ms. Perkins is a graduate of William Jewell College with a BA in English, British studies, and political science and received her MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management.

Sean Seymour. Sean is the senior analyst within GSA's Alternative Fuel Program, with expertise in sustainable vehicle operation and acquisition. A former GSA Sustainability in Procurement Fellow, Sean has also received his Bachelor's degree from the University of Maryland in economics, and is pursuing graduate studies at George Mason University.

*Note: An attendee provided more detailed information about Federal mandates for sustainable fleets. The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) at Department of Energy (DOE) is tasked with rulemaking, developing guidance, and monitoring compliance with all the mandates covered in Mr. Seymour’s presentation. FEMP is also tasked with providing technical assistance, outreach, and analytic support to the Federal fleets to meet these mandates. For more information, visit https://federalfleets.energy.gov/federal_requirements

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