Federal Green Challenge Webinar - June 28, 2012 | Region 10 | US EPA

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Federal Green Challenge Webinar - June 28, 2012


This webinar focuses on reducing the environmental impact of your facility's purchasing practices, while still achieving your agency's mission. The FGC targets environmentally preferable purchasing, as well reducing the environmental impact of meetings. This session features expert speakers from the General Services Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Webinar Recording and Presentations:

Wendi Shafir is an environmental engineer working to green the hospitality sector (hotels, venues, and meeting planning services) as well as federal travel and meetings. She worked with the meeting industry to develop the ASTM Green Meeting Standards as well as with GSA to incorporate sustainability into government meeting and travel acquisition regulations and guidance. Wendi introduces EPA Region 9's Green Meeting policy, briefly discussing both the policy and its implementation.

Dana Arnold directs the Program Analysis Division in the General Service Administration's Office of Acquisition Management, which has the lead on sustainable purchasing issues. Prior to joining GSA in September of 2010, Ms. Arnold was the Chief of Staff of the Office of the Federal Environmental Executive, where she managed OFEE's green purchasing, waste prevention, and recycling program areas. Ms. Arnold talks about green purchasing and demonstrates the Green Products Compilation, a tool designed to facilitate the procurement of green/sustainable products and services for Federal agencies.

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