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Federal Green Challenge Webinar – April 26, 2012


The federal government is the single largest user of information technology goods and services in the world. In addition, electronics consume significant energy, may contain toxic components and require proper disposal. As such, there are huge opportunities to reduce the environmental footprint of government by targeting electronics stewardship.

During this webinar we hear from two expert speakers on each phase of the electronics life cycle, from procurement, through operations and maintenance, and on to end-of-life management. During this session we cover the requirements of the federal government, as well as tools, resources, and a success story to help guide agencies along the path to more responsible management of electronics.

Webinar Recording and Presentations:

Cate Berard is an Environmental Protection Specialist in the Pollution Prevention Division at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Cate is the Program Manager for the Federal Electronics Challenge (FEC), a partnership program that encourages federal agencies and their facilities to purchase greener electronics, reduce impacts of electronic products during use, and manage obsolete electronics in an environmentally sound manner. As a member of EPA’s Environmentally Preferable Purchasing team, Cate also supports work related to green purchasing. Cate holds a B.S. from James Madison University and an M.S. from Johns Hopkins University.

Sally DeSanto is the Deputy Director for Information Security and Technology in the Office of Personnel and Readiness Information Management (P&R IM) which is aligned with the Defense Human Resources Activity (DHRA) and is within the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness (P&R). In this capacity she is responsible for all Information Technology, Information Security, Information Assurance, Knowledge Management, and Records Management initiatives and efforts for P&R IM. She also represents DHRA and/or P&R in a number of IA/IT related efforts for DoD.

Ms. DeSanto’s background is in information security and systems. During her federal career, Ms. DeSanto has performed and been responsible for a myriad of duties including (but not limited to) FOIA determinations, contract security specifications, pulling cable, maintenance programming for radar training systems, data base development and management for medical systems, system and network management, and IA/IT policy development. She worked for the Navy and for the Air Force before coming to work for DoD.

One of Ms. DeSanto’s current responsibilities is the Chair of the P&R Green IT Working Group. Her work with P&R IM Green IT and the P&R Green IT WG has won several awards from the Federal Electronics Challenge.

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