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Federal Green Challenge Webinar – April 8, 2009

Green Meetings
Date: Wednesday, April 8, 2009
10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. PDT
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Phone: (213) 286-1201, code 346-530-531

Green meetings are growing fast, with some organizations cruising straight ahead toward eco-consciousness while others are taking smaller steps. But, surely and steadily, planners are moving toward the same goal—sustainability. When you think of being "green" or environmentally responsible, recycling is usually the first thing that comes to mind. A green meeting or event goes beyond recycling. Come hear about how you can have a greener meeting, how to measure your progress and case studies of how it has actually worked.

Green meetings may be defined as a "meeting that incorporates environmental considerations throughout all stages of the meeting in order to minimize the negative impact on the environment."

Greening an event encompasses all aspects of the planning process. By making choices at every planning level, from site selection to serving condiments like ketchup and sugar from bulk containers, the environmental impact of the event can be significantly reduced. It means taking steps to minimize waste through recycling, composting and avoiding disposable items, to decrease energy consumption, and to use products with post-consumer recycled content and food that is organic, local, or fair trade.



Amanda Gourgue, CMP
Chief Meeting Revolutionist
(603) 591-3384

Amanda L. Gourgue, CMP is a revolutionist! She started her own company called Meeting Revolution. It is a meeting and event company that specializes in environmental friendly meetings. Meeting Revolution also assists meeting facilities in becoming environmentally friendly.

Amanda has fifteen years of experience in the hospitality and meetings industry. Her professional history includes working with such well known companies as Walt Disney World Resort, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Marriott International, Rare Hospitality and Aramark. Currently, Amanda is an active member in the hospitality community. She is the Co-Chair of the Membership Committee for Meeting Professional International, New England Chapter, the Chair of Marketing and Communication Committee for the Green Meeting Industry Council, Chair of the Go on Tour Series for the New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility and serves on the food and beverage subcommittee for APEX. She received the Meeting Professionals International New England Chapter 2006 Sam Dame Scholarship Award and the 2007 Tomorrow's Leader Award. In 2006, Amanda also earned her Certified Meeting Professional designation and now is working towards her Certified Meeting Manager designation and the LEED AP certification.

Download Amanda Gourgue's presentation: Saving the World One Meeting at a Time: My Favorite Five Green Choices (PDF) (9pp, 89K)

Amy Spatrisano, CMP
Principal, Meeting Strategies Worldwide
(503) 252-5458

Amy Spatrisano is a principal with Meeting Strategies Worldwide, a conference management and consulting firm specializing in green meetings. Internationally recognized as a leader in the environmentally responsible meeting and event management field, Amy served on the Live Earth Global Green Team and was named one of "The 25 Most Powerful in the Meetings Industry" by Meeting News Magazine in 2008. She is cofounder of the Green Meeting Industry Council and serves as the current President. Amy is co-author of “Simple Steps to Green Meetings and Events” and chair of the APEX Green Meetings and Events Practice Panel.

Download Amy Spatrisano's presentation: Why Go Green? (PDF) (18pp, 661K)

Debra Taevs
Deputy Director, Pollution Prevention Resource Center
(503) 336-1256

Debra Taevs has been working in pollution prevention in a variety of programs and projects for fifteen years. Some of these include plastics recycling, marketing for environmentally friendly construction products and green printing firms, and coordinating the City of Seattle PaperCuts program, which has now cut paper use by almost 30% across all City Departments. Since joining PPRC in 2006, she has:

Debra has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Marketing from San Diego State and a Master’s in Environmental Policy and Public Affairs from the University of Washington’s Daniel Evans School.

Download Debra Taevs's presentation: Greening Your Meeting (PDF) (20pp, 301K)

Viccy Salazar
US EPA, Region 10
(206) 553-1060

Viccy Salazar has worked at the US EPA, Region 10 since 1995. She is currently the lead for the Waste Reduction, Resource Conservation and Stewardship team which includes recycling, climate change, solid waste, priority chemicals reduction, green building and product stewardship. Through her work, she is responsible for lots of meetings. In her tenure at EPA, she has worked on traditional regulatory programs – lead and PCBs - and stewardship programs - product stewardship, recycling and electronics stewardship. Ms. Salazar has both a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Washington.

Download Viccy Salazar's presentation: Hosting a Green Meeting (PDF) (9pp, 95K)

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