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Automobiles and the Environment 101

A materials management perspective on the life cycle impacts of automobiles

This webinar focuses on:

  1. Common problems and issues related to autos material and toxics impacts on the environment;
  2. What is happening in other parts of the world and is applicable in the United States. 
Video: Video of the Automobiles and the Environment 101 Webinar (WMV) (1 hour 54 minutes, 94MB) Note: This webinar is targeted toward government audiences.

Learn more about product stewardship and automobiles

Speakers and PresentationsSpeaker Biography
Overview of LCA impacts of Auto Manufacturing (PDF) (15 pp. 84K)

Chris Hendrickson
Carnegie Mellon - Green Design Initiative
Chris Hendrickson is the Duquesne Light Company Professor of Engineering and Co-Director of the Green Design Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. His research, teaching and consulting are in the general area of engineering planning and management, including design for the environment, project management, transportation systems, finance and computer applications.
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Contact Information: Porter Hall 123J, 412-268-1066,, FAX: 412-268-7813
Why are we interested? Automobiles as product and waste (PDF) (10 pp. 204K)

Jay Shepard
Washington State Department of Ecology
Jay Shepard has worked in public service for over 30 years, 26 years with the Washington State Department of Ecology. He has had a broad experience with Ecology working in Solid Waste, Shorelands Management and Water Quality. Jay led the development of the state’s first recycling rate survey and solid waste composition studies in the early 1980’s. The model, the longest standing measurement tool used by the agency for performance indicators, has been replicated extensively.
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EPP and Purchasing Guidelines in California (PDF) (10 pp. 73K)

Charleen Fain-Keslar
Department of General Services, State of California
Charleen Fain-Keslar is a procurement engineer for the California Department of General Services, Procurement Division implementing environmentally preferable purchasing for California State government. Ms. Fain-Keslar has over 19 years of experience serving the citizens of California in environmental, health and safety, and material compliance in addition to over 10 years medical health experience in the private sector. She is a graduate of California State University Sacramento with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry.
Repair and Maintenance of Autos (PDF) (15 pp. 311K)

Ashley Zanolli
Environmental Protection Agency - Region 10
Ashley Zanolli is an environmental engineer on the Air Toxics Team in EPA Region 10’s Office of Air, Waste and Toxics. Despite her background in chemical engineering, Ashley found her calling and entered the environmental arena after designing a biodiesel facility in 2005. She currently works on a wide variety of projects ranging from community based outreach and compliance assistance to biofuels policy.
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The Environmental Impacts of Auto Shredder Residue (PDF) (23 pp. 1.2MB)

Pinky Feria
Washington Department of Ecology
Pinky Feria is has been an Environmental Specialist with the Washington Department of Ecology on and off for seventeen years, where her primary duties are compliance and enforcement at hazardous waste generators and recyclers. Her interest in ASR began when she tried to develop a better sampling protocol for ASR. When she wasn’t at Ecology, she was working on a Master of Fine Art in Creative Writing, where she won two fiction lectureships. She has several published short stories, one, “A Splinter of Beautiful World,” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.
Product Stewardship - Policy options for moving forward (PDF) (45 pp. 210K)

Jennifer Cooper
Five Winds International
Jennifer Cooper has been in sustainability consulting since 1998. Working with Five Winds International, Jennifer’s expertise is sustainable product design and life cycle evaluation. Ms. Cooper has co-developed a training course on LCA and DfE for automotive design engineers, and other life cycle decision tools for a range of clients – tools such as balanced scorecards for designers, market research and marketing plans, key performance indicators, restricted substance lists, issue tracking databases and environmental performance self-assessments. These tools have helped companies bring life cycle thinking into their design and purchasing decisions.
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Looking into the future

Garth Hickle
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Garth T. Hickle is the product stewardship team leader with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). He has been with the MPCA since 1996 working on product stewardship for various products including packaging, electronics and carpet. Prior to the MPCA he worked as a lobbyist on energy and environmental issues and at the Minnesota State Senate.
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