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Webinar: Public Attitudes Regarding Sustainable Consumption

About This Speaker Series

As part of our Materials Management Through Sustainable Consumption Webinar Series, we invite guest speakers to share their views on sustainable consumption to get participants thinking and talking about new strategies for achieving our environmental goals.

Please note the opinions, ideas, or data presented by non-EPA speakers in this series do not represent EPA policy or constitute endorsement by EPA.


Contact: Viccy Salazar
(salazar.viccy@epa.gov), 206-553-1060

This webinar was offered as part of the Materials Management Through Sustainable Consumption Webinar Series.

In this session, we explored public opinions toward consumption and climate change and the role of individuals, governments and institutions in addressing the issues. Attendees heard about surveys conducted to measure public opinion on consumption, climate change and the environment.


Tuesday, December 13, 2012


Tom Bowerman directs Policy Interactive, a research organization examining public opinion about climate change, sustainability and affluent consumption. Bowerman has a degree in architecture from the University of Oregon, and has practiced in the field of architecture, urban design and planning for three decades at the interface of development and environmental protection. He holds a guest research position at the University of Oregon School of Law.

Connie Roser-Renouf is an Assistant Research Professor at George Mason University's Center for Climate Change Communication. As a member of a collaborative research team at Yale and George Mason, she participates in the design and analysis of bi-annual surveys on Americans' climate-related attitudes, beliefs and behaviors -- Climate Change in the American Mind. Her research focuses on understanding how diverse publics use, interpret and respond to information on this issue, to identify effective communication strategies that inform and engage audiences.

Maria Csutora is director of the Sustainability Indicators Research Center at Corvinus University of Economic Sciences. She has worked as an affiliate faculty member for the Rochester Institute of Technology teaching environmental accounting. She is the author of the article titled “One more Awareness Gap? The Behavior-Impact Gap Problem” published in the Journal of Consumer Policy. The article was picked up by the European Commission DG Environment News Alert Service and provoked debate on New York Times Online. Maria has also worked as coordinator and researcher for different projects in the field of sustainable consumption financed by the EU and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

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