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Driving Change with the Story of Stuff’s Annie Leonard

About This Speaker Series

As part of our Materials Management Through Sustainable Consumption Webinar Series, we invite guest speakers to share their views on sustainable consumption to get participants thinking and talking about new strategies for achieving our environmental goals.

Please note the opinions, ideas, or data presented by non-EPA speakers in this series do not represent EPA policy or constitute endorsement by EPA.


Contact: Ashley Zanolli

Join us for a free webinar Tuesday, September 10th, 2013, from 9:30am to 11am PDT (12:30pm - 2pm EDT)

Register now: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/469476793

Please join us for a unique opportunity to hear Annie Leonard, the Founder of the Story of Stuff Project share her insights on why we should care about materials and what we can all do to help prevent the negative environmental, social and economic consequences of the stuff we consume.  Annie will share lessons learned from the Story of Stuff Project, which has reached over 30 million viewers, on how to communicate in an accessible and effective way about why materials matter.  Finally, she will share ideas about driving change in individuals, organizations and systems.

Register for this webinar, the first in a series of three leading up to the Forum’s Annual Meeting, to hear more about how you can integrate sustainable materials management into your work.


Annie Leonard's photo

Annie Leonard is the Founder of the Story of Stuff Project and author of The Story of Stuff (Free Press, March 2010)

Annie released the 20-minute eye-opening internet movie, The Story of Stuff, about the hidden costs of our consumer driven culture in December of 2007 and has garnered 30 million views since. Annie spent two decades working and traveling around the globe, visiting the places where our stuff is made and dumped. Now, Annie shares her story and thoughts on how we get ourselves out of this mess and move closer to a sustainable future. She is also on the board of Public Citizen and GAIA and is a contributing editor for YES! Magazine. Annie did her undergraduate studies on Environmental Science at Barnard College in NYC and has a Masters of Regional planning from Cornell. She resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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