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Norwood,  Massachusetts
Norfolk County
Street Address: 61 Endicott Street
Zip Code: 02062

EPA ID #: MAN000103183
Site ID #: 0103183
Site Alias:

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The Zimble Drum site is located at 61 Endicott Street (Latitude and Longitude: 42E10'43"N, 71E13'2"W respectively) on a 13-acre property, which includes four one-story buildings. Three of the buildings are brick/masonry construction and one is pre-finished metal. One of the brick buildings has an unfinished basement, additional office space, and a loading dock. A second building also has an unfinished basement where a number of containers were staged. The site is part of a small industrial/commercial enclave, in the middle of primarily a residential neighborhood. The aite is bounded to the north, west, and east by residences, and to the south by a few industrial/commercial buildings and additional residences.

In May 2002, the Norwood Fire Department requested assistance from the MA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). A number of containers, drums, and cylinders left behind in a defunct scrap metal/metal recycling facility at 61 Endicott Street in Norwood posed a high risk. The DEP then asked EPA to investigate the site and conduct a removal action as necessary. In August 2002, EPA performed a preliminary assessment/site investigation (PA/SI) at the Zimble site. Three of the four on-site buildings were accessed with little difficulty, either through damaged doors or windows, or holes in the walls. The Fire Department assisted the PA/SI team with entry into the fourth building. There were approximately 100 containers scattered throughout the four buildings. These included seven cylinders, eight capacitors with ‘Pyranol’ labels, indicative of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) containing oil, a number of 55-gallon drums, and various sized smaller containers. Some of the cylinders were unlabeled, and they may be full and pressurized. Many of the 55-gallon drums were labeled as containing oil or oil-like product, but they did not appear to be virgin drums. Other container labels indicated the presence of sulfuric acid and mercury. During the PA/SI, samples were collected from four containers. One sample was found to contain ignitable waste. This same sample contained reactive sulfide and a number of hazardous substances, including Methylene Chloride, 2-Butanone (methyl ethyl ketone) and 4-Methyl-2-Pentanone. Two of the other samples contained lesser concentrations of some of the same hazardous substances. There was evidence of staining and possible spillage of unknown material in the vicinity of some of the drums. Also during the PA/SI, six surface soil samples were collected from easily accessible locations, one for asbestos analysis only and the other five for assorted parameters. Four of these soil samples contained lead higher than State standards (one of these was two orders of magnitude higher), and two of the five contained assorted semi-volatile organic compounds (Benzo(a)anthracene, Benzo(a)pyrene) above State standards. Three of the samples contained <1% chrysotile asbestos and one of the samples contained 2.3% chrysotile asbestos.

Current Status
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In September 2002, EPA signed an Action Memo authorizing a time-critical removal action at the site - including the removal of waste containers found at the site and excavation of other contaminated soil and debris, as neccessary. After site actions are concluded, any necessary Site restoration will be performed, and the contractor will demobilize personnel and equipment.

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