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 Norwood,  Massachusetts
 Norfolk County
 Street Address: NEAR RTE 1 & DEAN STREET
 Zip Code: 02062

 EPA ID #: MAD980670566
 Site ID #: 0100732
 Site Aliases: Grant Gear, Inc., Dean Street Site

 Site Responsibility: Federal, State, Potentially Responsible Parties

 Proposed Date 10/15/1984
 Final Date 06/10/1986
  Deleted Date 06/02/2011

Site Description
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The Norwood PCBs site is located on 26 acres of mainly commercial and industrial properties. The site is bordered by Route 1, the Dean Street access road, Meadow Brook, Pellana Road, and Dean Street. The site consists of several parcels of land, including the former Grant Gear facility; Kerry Place; and adjacent areas including Meadow Brook. In 1979, the site was subdivided. The northeastern portion of the site, approximately 9 acres in size, was purchased by Grant Gear Realty Trust and leased to Grant Gear Works, Inc. The southern and western portions of the site were further subdivided, a major portion of which was named Kerry Place. Most of the lots now are occupied by commercial and light industrial buildings. Beginning in the 1940s, previous owners or operators of the Grant Gear building used polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in the production of electrical transformers and other electrical components. In 1983, the State detected high levels of PCBs in the soil on the site, and the EPA conducted an emergency removal of contaminated soil. Approximately 8,000 people live within 1 mile of the site.

Threats and Contaminants
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Ground water was contaminated with PCBs and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as trichloroethylene (TCE) and vinyl chloride. Soil and sediments were contaminated with PCBs, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and heavy metals. Prior to cleanup, risks were from coming into direct contact with or accidentally ingesting contaminated soils or sediments. Risk may increase if on-site ground water were used as a drinking water source. Prior to cleanup, PCBs in soils and the sediments in Meadow Brook may have posed an increased risk to aquatic organisms and animal life inhabiting the site area.

Cleanup Approach
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The site was addressed in two stages: initial response actions and a long-term remedial phase focusing on cleanup of the entire site.

Response Action Status
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Initial Action In 1983, the EPA conducted an emergency removal of over 500 tons of highly contaminated soil from the site and transported it to an approved disposal facility. In 1986, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts installed a 4-foot-high wire mesh fence around a one acre portion of the northwestern and southwestern corners of the Grant Gear property and covered contaminated soils within the fenced areas. The cover consisted of a filter-fabric liner and 6 inches of crushed stone.

Entire Site The remedies selected by the EPA in 1989 to clean up the site include excavating soils, dredge material, and sediments; treating them by solvent extraction and disposing of them on site; flushing or replacing the site drainage system; cleaning equipment surfaces; collecting ground water and removing the contaminants using air filtering to convert volatile chemicals to a gas (activated carbon will be used before or after the air filtration step to remove PCBs); and restoring the wetlands after minimizing the effects on the wetlands during the cleanup of Meadow Brook sediments. The groundwater treatment facility began operating in March 1996. In May 1996, the EPA published an amendment to the selected remedy. This amendment called for demolition of the on site Grant Gear building, excavation of contaminated soils and sediments from Meadow Brook, excavation of a "hot spot" of contaminated soil in contact with the ground water, consolidation of contaminated soils and sediments on a portion of the site, and construction of asphalt cap and gravel cover areas. The amended remedy was intended to promote reuse of the property for commercial or industrial reuse. Building demolition activities took place between October 1996 and February 1997 while the majority of the soil/sediment cleanup activities took place between April 1997 and August 1998. The site received the "construction complete" designation in September 1999 marking the completion of all remedial construction activities. EPA shut down the groundwater treatment plant in June 2000 as a result of the State's revised aquifer classification. As a result of the revised aquifer classification and additional risk assessment activities, EPA calculated revised ground water cleanup levels and documented those changes in an Explanation of Significant Differences issued in February 2005. Cleanup activities are complete, long-term periodic monitoring activities will continue. EPA continues to work with the property owner, and the Town of Norwood to coordinate redevelopment activities. In March 2008, EPA and MassDEP approved a "Work Plan for Redevelopment". In the Summer 2008, the construction of two (2) single-story retail buildings, totaling 56,000 square-feet, was complete. Periodic oversight during construction was provided by EPA and MassDEP as well as the Town of Norwood. In 2011, the property on which the commercial buildings were constructed was subdivided and sold. In December 2011, a sports equipment retailer completed interior "build-out" and opened for business. Annual Operation and Maintenance, consisting of inspections and sampling, continues.

Enforcement HighlightsThe Commonwealth of Massachusetts originally investigated the site in response to a telephone call from an area resident. All enforcement activities have been completed. In seven settlements, EPA recovered over $18 million in payments and work from current and former owners/operators and with the Town of Norwood.

Environmental Progress
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The initial cleanup actions described above have removed contaminated sources and restricted access to the site, thereby reducing the potential of exposure to hazardous substances at the site while final cleanup activities were being planned. All construction work associated with the cleanup was completed by September 1999.

Current Site Status
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Cleanup activities are complete and long-term periodic monitoring activities continue. In 2008, developers completed construction of two single-story retail buildings totaling 56,000 square-feet. EPA, MassDEP, and the Town of Norwood provided oversight during construction to ensure remedy components were not compromised and that the construction adhered to the approved Work Plan for Redevelopment. Presently, a Grant of Environmental Restriction and Easement is recorded at the Norfolk County Registry of Deeds; this Grant further restricts certain activities to ensure long-term remedy protectiveness.

Site Deletion: In April 2011, EPA, by its publication in the Federal Register of a Notice of Intent to Delete, began the public comment period with regard to its plans to delete the Norwood PCBs site from the National Priorities List (NPL). As no adverse of controversial comments were received, the deletion was made effective June 2, 2011. Notwithstanding the site's deletion from the NPL, contractors for the responsible party still conduct inspections and submit annual summary reports to EPA and MassDEP .

Beginning in 1999, and thereafter every 5 year, Five Year Review (FYR) reports have been completed. The most recent Five Year Review was completed in December 2014. This review found that the remedy continues to be protective of public health and the environment.

Site Photos
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SDMS 4529930
Redevelopment in progress.
Note: Subslab passive vapor mitigation system being installed.

SDMS 452931
Redevelopment in progress.
Note: High visibility orange fence used as a marker layer above the remedial
cap and below the parking lot.

SDMS 452932
Completed redevelopment.

Links to Other Site Information
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Federal Register Notices:
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Administrative Records:
Administrative Record Index for OU01 Record of Decision (ROD), September 29, 1989 (1,457KB)  
Administrative Record Index for OU01 Record of Decision (ROD) Amendment, May 17, 1996 (516KB)  
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Reports and Studies:
Five Year Review Report, December 30, 1999 (583KB)  
Second Five Year Review Report, December 29, 2004 (4,013KB)  
Final Closeout Report, September 01, 2009 (3.89 MB)  
Third Five Year Review Report, December 28, 2009  
Fourth Five-Year Review Report, December 18, 2014, (114 MB)  

Decision Documents:
View Records of Decision (RODS) on-line (EPA HQ)  
Explanation of Significant Differences (ESD), February 23, 2005 (464KB)   
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Other Links:
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Site Repositories
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Morrill Memorial Library, Walpole Street, Norwood, MA 02062

OSRR Records and Information Center, 1st Floor, 5 Post Office Square, Suite 100 (HSC), Boston, MA 02109-3912 (617) 918-1440

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