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HILLSBOROUGH,  New Hampshire
Street Address: 25 WEST MILL STREET
Zip Code: 03244

EPA ID #: NHD986467777
Site ID #: 0103084
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At the request of the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (DES) in December 1999, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) visited the former Woods Woolen Mill property, 25 West Mill Street, Hillsborough, New Hampshire. Approximately 30 drums and containers were documented, but a full count was not possible due to demolition debris covering some of the containers. There was also a three-story boiler room containing friable asbestos, some which had fallen or was falling off of the piping and boilers. The windows and some of their frames were missing, the doors were either missing or falling apart and the asbestos was free to be released to the environment. The site is located immediately adjacent to, and in some cases overhanging, the Contoocook River. The New Hampshire Department of Transportation owns a right of way adjacent to the southern face of the building which connects to a series of recreational trails used for hiking, biking and snowmobiling. This insured that a steady stream of people were in close proximity to the site and increased the potential for trespassing and vandalism. According to the Hillsborough Selectman’s Office, there are approximately 4,600 people residing in Hillsborough.

Current Status
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A short term cleanup (REMOVAL) at the site was started on 9/14/00 and completed on 12/13/00.

On September 14, 2000, EPA began removal activities at the site. Fifty-three drums/containers were collected and staged in a secure on-site location. The product from the drums was hazard categorized on-site, and it was determined that 15 of the drums contained either hazardous substances or pollutants or contaminants. The remaining drums were set aside and later disposed of by the DES.
On October 9, 2000, an asbestos subcontractor for EPA began preparatory work for the asbestos removal in the boiler room. By October 18, two rolloff boxes were filled with asbestos containing material (ACM) and sealed and staged at the site. On December 11, 2000: 15 drums/containers transported off-site for disposal which included waste water treatment, fuels blending, and incineration, dependent upon the waste. On December 13, 2000: 2 ACM rolloff boxes were transported off-site to a local landfill.

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Collapsed roof on top of drums and other containers.

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