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Agawam,  Massachusetts
Hampden County
Street Address: 358 Corey Street Agawam, MA 01001
Zip Code: 01001

EPA ID #: MAN000105909
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At the request of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), EPA initiated a removal site investigation on October 29, 2008 which included collection of surface soil samples, a review of pre-existing soil sampling data from the Site, and a health consultation conducted by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MassDPH). This site investigation confirmed the presence of high levels of antimony, arsenic, and lead in surface soils. The findings of the site investigation were documented in a closure memorandum dated April 9, 2009 with the recommendation that a time critical removal action be conducted.

The Site is located at 358 Corey Street in Agawam, Massachusetts and involves 2 parcels of land, totaling about 6 acres. The main portion of the Site, owned by Agawam Sportsmans Club, is identified as parcel M1221 at the Town of Agawam Tax Assessor’s office and described on Warranty Deed Book 1827 Page 464 and Book 1881 page 257 at the Hampden County Registry of Deeds. The surface soil contamination also extends eastward onto undeveloped land owned by the Town of Agawam (parcel N12826). The Site is in a residential area bordered by residential properties to the west and south, undeveloped Town of Agawam property to the east, and Corey Street and Highway 57 to the north. The geographic coordinates are 42°4’37” latitude and 72°35’51” longitude.

The Site is the former location of the Agawam Sportsmans Club, a private recreational facility which operated until about 10 years ago. The Site has been abandoned since that time. Features of the Site include a 5,000 square-foot clubhouse building, a pond, and an outdoor shooting range. It is believed that historic shooting range activity was the cause of the surface soil contamination documented during the site investigation. The gun rack for the outdoor range was located about 100 feet east of the building. Based on this layout it appears that guns would have been fired toward the vacant Town of Agawam property to the east. The observed extent of contamination is consistent with this conceptual model.

According to the 2000 Census, 4171 people live within 1 mile. According to the EPA Region 1 Environmental Justice Mapping Tool, the Site is not in an environmental justice area. The Site is not fenced and is readily accessible to the public. The building appears to be in poor condition and shows signs of unauthorized entry including graffiti, open doors, and broken windows. During the site investigation, EPA noted other evidence of unauthorized entry to the property such as fishing equipment, hockey gear, litter, and beverage containers.

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