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WORCESTER,  Massachusetts
Street Address: 722 PLANTATION STREET
Zip Code: 01605

EPA ID #: MAD985297217
Site ID #: 0103130
Site Alias:

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The site is an abandoned metal plating facility located at 722 Plantation Street, Worcester, Massachusetts. It is on an approximately 1 acre lot and includes a one-story, 16,500 square foot, cinderblock building. The site is in an industrial/commercial area, although there are numerous residences as well as a massive low income housing development approximately 1/8 mile away.

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MADEP) has been involved with regulatory/compliance issues with this site since the mid 1980's. The owner has periodically undertaken portions of the necessary cleanup, removing some waste and consolidating others. In 2001, MADEP requested assistance from the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) removal program with site cleanup as the current owner is unable to complete the remaining needed actions. On May 31, 2001, EPA visited the site with a MADEP representative, the site owner, and his consultants. Staged in the center of the building were approximately 100 containers ranging in size from 55 gallon drums to 1 gallon pails. According to the inventory provided by the owner, there were various acids and caustics, metal solutions (acids, sludges), acid, alkaline, and flammable lab packs, unknown liquid and solids, and other diverse chemicals. Large portions of the interior concrete floor, and soil under what used to be plating vats, were also visibly contaminated. There were a number of troughs, vats, some empty and some with product, that have rotted through and possibly contaminated the ground underneath. There were also five dilapidated rolloff containers staged on the property that were filled with debris from a previous cleanup/consolidation. Based on the inventory and the visual inspection of the site, EPA decided to conduct a removal action to remove the remaining hazardous materials from the site. An Action Memorandum was prepared and approved by the Director on June 22, 2001.

Current Status
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A short term cleanup (REMOVAL) at the site was started on 8/14/01.

EPA has conducted inventory and hazardous categorization of the materials in drums and other containers, material in the pits and floors as well as the exterior grounds; collected approximately 150 drums and other containers, segregated the drums and containers, and transported the drums and containers to approved facilities for treatment and disposal; transferred the contents of the rolloffs to new rolloffs and transported them to approved facilities for treatment and disposal.; collected additional soil samples for analysis; and is in the process of collecting all of the contaminated plating debris from the troughs and pits for disposal.

Wastes removed from the site include: 2,830 pounds of corrosive solid waste for landfill; 4,275 gallons of liquid corrosive/caustic waste for wastewater treatment; 1,000 gallons of chromium-contaminated liquid for wastewater treatment; 100 pounds of mercury solids for recycling; 1,200 pounds of chromic acids solids for stabilization and landfill; 30 gallons of acetic acid for incineration; 730 pounds of flammable solid and liquid material for incineration; 2,000 pounds of cyanide solids for cyanide destruction; and
5 gallons of cyanide liquid for wastewater treatment.

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