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Bennington County
Street Address: Buckley Drive, Morse Road, Harmon Road and Northside Drive
Zip Code: 05201

EPA ID #: VTN000103156
Site ID #: 019U
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The site consists of portions of Buckley Drive, Morse Road, Harmon Road and Northside Drive in the town of Bennington, Bennington County, Vermont. The area is mixed residential, commercial and industrial. The population of Bennington is approximately 16,000 people. Approximately 500 people live within mile of the site. The area topography gently slopes toward Furnace Brook and the Walloomsac River. The surficial shallow ground water aquifer consists mainly of glacially-derived medium to coarse sand and fine gravel that is underlain by a fine sandy silt confining layer.

The VT Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Site Management Section has been overseeing the investigation of perchloroethylene (PCE) around Buckley Drive and Harmon Road since1993 when an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) was performed at the adjacent Monument Plaza property. The ESA identified petroleum and chlorinated solvents in soil and groundwater.

In December1998, low levels of PCE were first detected in residential wells on Buckley Drive and Harmon Road. As residential wells were found to be contaminated with PCE, residents were provided bottled water by VTDEC. Periodic monitoring of the residential wells showed that contamination levels continued to increase, making the well water unusable for cooking or bathing, and leading the VTDEC to install temporary carbon filtration systems at the impacted residences.

In July 2001, the VTDEC requested assistance of EPA to evaluate, investigate and alleviate the drinking water problems in the Buckley Drive area of Bennington, VT. In October 2001, EPA collected drinking water samples at four residences in the Buckley Drive area of Bennington, Vermont. Samples were collected from an in-line spigot, before the water filtration systems which have been provided by the Vermont DEC. The samples were analyzed for volatile organic compounds at the EPA New England Laboratory in Chelmsford, MA. Analysis confirmed the presence of perchloroethylene at levels up to 470 parts per billion (ug/liter), which exceeds the federal drinking water standard of 5 parts per billion by two orders of magnitude. In conjunction with VTDEC, EPA has determined that private wells have become contaminated or are at risk of becoming contaminated by perchloroethylene(PCE), a chlorinated solvent in the ground water. While some residential properties are served municipal water, most obtain their water from the shallow surficial aquifer via shallow driven or dug wells.

Current Status
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In May 2002, an Action Memorandum was signed, authorizing a short term cleanup ("Removal Action") for EPA to fund and coordinate the design and construction of an extension to the existing town water supply system to provide service to the affected residences. EPA has coordinated with VTDEC and town of Bennington personnel to determine the number of residences that will be connected to the town water system.

EPA contractors tapped into the existing waterline on Harmon Drive and extended it to the northeast, up Buckley Drive a distance of approximately 600 feet. One fire hydrant was installed near the far end of the line on Buckley Drive. A total of 14 residences in the Buckley Drive area were connected to the extension. Water removed from the excavation was treated to meet state requirements prior to discharge.

EPA requested written permission from the property owners to connect the residences to the waterline. Only those owners who responded and agreed to the terms and conditions of the request were connected to the waterline.

The construction phase was completed in late October 2002, including landscaping to restore the residential properties to their pre-existing condition. The road surface of Buckley Drive has been repaved with asphalt.

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