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Taunton,  Massachusetts
No County Named
Street Address: 100 Arlington Street
Zip Code:

EPA ID #: MAD985319789
Site ID #: X1
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The site is located at 100 Arlington Street in Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts and consists of a 2.5 acre abandoned structure (on a 7 acre plot) comprised of multiple adjoining concrete block and brick buildings. Site operations can be traced to the early 1900’s when the Taunton Twist and Drill Company occupied the property. Between the 1920’s and 1981, two companies at the site manufactured rubber products for the shoe industry and from 1981 until the buildings were condemned in 1997, various small businesses leased portions of the on-site structure. The property has been abandoned since that time, although there is much evidence that homeless individuals have been accessing the property on a regular basis.

Area use surrounding the property is residential and commercial. Repairs were made this past year by the City to some of the exterior fencing, and plywood sheeting was reinstalled on some of the windows and doors, but access to the site is generally unrestricted.

In July 1993, the EPA removal program conducted a Preliminary Assessment/Site Investigation (PA/SI) at the Site and followed that up with a removal action in 1994. Drums and bags of hazardous materials, liquid contents of floor pits, two PCB-containing transformers, PCB-contaminated soil, and three cubic-yards of asbestos containing material (ACM) were transported off-site for disposal.

On 30 June 2005, EPA conducted another SI at the Cabin Realty Site. High concentrations of asbestos in four out of four insulation samples (friable and accessible) lead to the issuance of a closure memorandum stating that a removal action is warranted at this Site.

Removal actions began in late December, 2005 with demolition of the walls and ceiling of the boiler room, the area where the majority of asbestos remaining in the structure was located. The demolition of the boiler room and the adjacent smokestack was done to allow for safe removal of asbestos and ACM. ACM removal from the boiler room area as well as the removal of asbestos containing pipe wrap from a number of other rooms throughout the structure began on January 9, 2006 and was completed on January 20.

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Action Memorandum, September 27, 2005  
Pollution Report (POLREP) 1, December 2005   
Pollution Report (POLREP) 2, February 2006  

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OSRR Records and Information Center, 1st Floor, 5 Post Office Square, Suite 100 (HSC), Boston, MA 02109-3912 (617) 918-1440

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Gary Lipson
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