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Chicopee,  Massachusetts
Hampden County
Street Address: North Bound I-91 Bridge over CT River
Zip Code: 01013

EPA ID #: NRC#: 866267
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On 28 March 2008 (0938 AM) a fuel tanker truck (MC305) hauling approximately 10,500 gallons of gasoline/diesel was involved in an accident on I-91 Northbound along the east side of the bridge crossing the Connecticut River in Chicopee, Massachusetts. The fuel tanker, in an effort to stop quickly, lost control and the trailer portion of the fuel tanker rolled over the guard rail, caught fire and came to rest on its base along the hillside approximately 80 feet beneath the Intersate. The tanker contained 9,500 gallons of gasoline and 1000 gallons of diesel fuel.

Much of the 10,500 gallons of fuel was consumed during the fire that burned for over an hour after the incident. The remaining fuel either spilled and soaked into the adjacent soils of the hillside or remained in the tanker. An unknown volume reached Center Street and entered the Connecticut River via storm drains during the early stages of the incident.

MADEP and EPA responded to the incident and worked with the Licensed Site Professional (LSP) representing the fuel carrier. The LSP hired contractors to recover released fuel from the saturated hillside, Center Street and the Connecticut River.

Current Status
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SDMS 454349
Fire on hillside adjacent to I-91 (3.28.08)

SDMS 454350
Foam and water on Center Street (3.28.08)

SDMS 454351
Tanker Trailer after extinguished fire (3.28.08)

SDMS 454352
Deployment of Oil Containment/Recovery Measures (3.28.08)

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John McKeown
On-Scene Coordinator
Address: US EPA New England
5 Post Office Square - Suite 100
Mail Stop: OSRR02-2
Boston, MA 02109-3912
Phone #:(617) 918-1858
E-Mail Address:mckeown.john@epa.gov


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