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WARREN,  Maine
Knox County
Street Address: 307 Main Street and 25 Four Rod Road
Zip Code: 04864

EPA ID #: MEN000103170
Site ID #: 0103170
Site Alias:

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The Crowe Rope site, located at 307 Main Street (Map U-03, Lot 060) and 25 Four Rod Road (Map U-03, Lot 061), in the historic village of Warren, Maine, consists of a 81,182 square foot main building on 1.25 acres and a 3,028 square foot garage on 0.64 acre. The wooden, multi-storied main building was constructed in 1890. Throughout the years it has been expanded, renovated, and rebuilt numerous times. It is in poor condition with numerous broken windows, apparent structural failures, and pigeon infestation. Additionally, the fire sprinkler system is inactive. The single story garage was constructed of wood and does not have a fire protection system. The roof over the back portion of the building has collapsed. Andrew Crowe & Sons, Inc., d/b/a Crowe Rope Company (“Crowe Rope”) manufactured rope, twine and related products from 1930-1997. The site is currently owned by Crowe Rope Industries, LLC.. About 80% of their production consisted of making polypropylene rope, a continuous process which begins with pellets of raw polypropylene resin. Machines extrude polypropylene filaments which pass into twisting machines and come out the other end twisted into strands which are in turn twisted or braided into rope in the ropemaking machines. The remaining 20% of their rope is made from natural or polyester fiber purchased from others. In the 1980s there were 200 employees working at the site.

On April 4, 2002, EPA conducted a Removal Program Preliminary Assessment/Site Investigation (PA/SI) with personnel from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and town officials. This PA/SI was prompted by a referral from the DEP. The key findings were as follows: approximately 200 labeled and unlabeled drums (30 - 55 gal. capacity) abandoned and inadequately staged. Some drums appeared to be in very deteriorated conditions and some were leaking their liquid contents; more than 100 small containers that are unlabeled, randomly stored, and in deteriorating condition; and, according to an inventory conducted by Clean Harbors, the contents in the containers are: corrosives, dyes, waste oils, oxidizing compounds, and adhesives.

Current Status
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In July 2002, EPA signed an action memorandum authorizing a short-term cleanup ("Removal Action") at the site, to include the following actions:
1) Gather and stage all drums and containers with known and/or suspected hazardous substances.
2) Collect and analyze samples from the drums and containers.
3) Identify and segregate drums and containers containing non-hazardous substances to the MEDEP for disposal.
4) Dispose of drums and containers containing hazardous substances.
5) If any aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) or underground storage tanks (USTs) are found, samples of the contents of the tanks will be collected and analyzed. If the contents are determined to be hazardous, they will be hauled by tanker(s) to an off site disposal facility. Non-hazardous solutions in tanks will be identified to DEP for disposal. If contaminated soil is found, EPA or DEP will remove and dispose.
6) Identify any friable asbestos containing materials and subsequently develop a plan to remove and dispose of it at a landfill.

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