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Document Record Detail

Full Document:
RCRA Online Number:14314
Organization of Recipient:NA
Description: Rinsewaters contaminated with plating bath solutions or stripping and cleaning bath solutions are not within the scope of the F007 or F009 hazardous waste listings. Trace amounts of plating and stripping solutions carried over to rinse tanks are not considered solid or hazardous wastes mixing with another solid waste, as these materials are in use and not wastes until spent and removed from the process. Spent rinsewaters removed from the process are regulated if they exhibit a characteristic or become mixed with a listed hazardous waste.
Regulatory Citation(s) : 261.3(a)(2), 261.31 EXIT disclaimer
Statutory Citation(s): Read US Code 42, Chapter 82 EXIT disclaimer
Topic(s):F-wastes; listing hazardous waste; solvents
Approximate Number of Hardcopy Pages:1
EPA Publication Number:530-R-98-005j
RPPC Number (if applicable): NA
Official OSW Policy:No


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