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Document Record Detail

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RCRA Online Number:14603
Organization of Recipient:NA
Description: The consent decree in EDF v. Browner, Civ. No. 89-0598 (D.D.C.), required EPA to decide whether or not to list several categories of petroleum refining wastes and to prepare a report on other waste categories. EPA determined that sludges from the Stretford process (which contain vanadium salts), catalysts from sulfur complex and H2S facilities, and vanadium-containing Stretford or Beavon-Stretford solutions do not require listing determinations (SEE ALSO: Listing Background Document for 1992-1996 Petroleum Refining Listing Determination, Study of Selected Petroleum Refining Residuals, and 63 FR 42110; 8/6/98). Hazardous waste listing determinations are wastestream-specific, not constituent-specific. Vanadium does not present sufficient risk to provide a basis for listing. EPA is deferring the use of the persistence, bioaccumulative, and toxic (PBT) criteria for metals in its waste minimization program, since it is working to develop an Agency-wide approach. The Science Advisory Board (SAB) will review the 3MRA model, which estimates the chemical release, fate, exposure and resulting risks to human health and the environment (SEE ALSO: 64 FR 63382; 11/19/99).
Regulatory Citation(s) : 261.31, 261.32 EXIT disclaimer
Statutory Citation(s):NA Read US Code 42, Chapter 82 EXIT disclaimer
Topic(s):Chemicals (RCRA); Identification of Hazardous Waste; K-wastes; Listing Hazardous Waste; Petroleum Refining Wastes; Waste Minimization
Approximate Number of Hardcopy Pages:5
EPA Publication Number:NA
RPPC Number (if applicable): NA
Official OSW Policy:No


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