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Document Record Detail

Full Document:
RCRA Online Number:13747
Organization of Recipient:NA
Description: Discusses waste minimization requirements for generators and treatment, storage, and disposal facilities (TSDFs). Large quantity generators (LQGs) and TSDFs are required to certify they have a program in place. LQGs are required to describe their waste minimization efforts in the biennial report (Sections 3002(a)(6), 3002(b), and 3005(h)) (SUPERSEDED: no longer required on biennial report, see 1997 Hazardous Waste Report Instructions). Small quantity generators (SQGs) must certify a good faith effort on the manifest.
Regulatory Citation(s) : 262.41, 264.75, 265.75 EXIT disclaimer
Statutory Citation(s):3002(a); 3002(b); 3005(h) Read US Code 42, Chapter 82 EXIT disclaimer
Topic(s):Containers; Hazardous Waste Data; EPA Forms; Small Quantity Generators (SQG); Hazardous Waste; Storage; TSDFs
Approximate Number of Hardcopy Pages:2
EPA Publication Number:530-R-95-002F
RPPC Number (if applicable): 9561.1995(01)
Official OSW Policy:No


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