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Document Record Detail

Full Document:
RCRA Online Number:11143
To:Wassersug, Region 3
Organization of Recipient:EPA
Description: Spent carbon is normally a spent material unless it is from pollution control, then it is a sludge. It is regulated if it contains a listed or characteristic hazardous waste (HW) (SEE ALSO: 66 FR 27266; 5/16/01). If it contains a characteristic sludge or by-product, it is not a solid waste (SW) when reclaimed. Storage before regeneration is regulated. The regeneration operation (including afterburner) is exempt from regulation (SUPERSEDED: see Part 266, Subpart H, 56 FR 7200; 2/21/91, and 261.6(d)).
Regulatory Citation(s) : 260.10, 261.1(c), 261.2(c)(3), 261.6(c), 261.6(d) EXIT disclaimer
Statutory Citation(s):NA Read US Code 42, Chapter 82 EXIT disclaimer
Topic(s):Boilers; Burning; Combustion of Hazardous Waste; Hazardous Waste; Hazardous Waste Recycling; Industrial Furnaces; Petitions; Storage; Treatment
Approximate Number of Hardcopy Pages:6
EPA Publication Number:NA
RPPC Number (if applicable): 9441.1986(26)
Official OSW Policy:No


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